Malawi government trapped in a cash scandal

Fr. Peter Mulomole

A surprise raid by Christian Health Association of Malawi (CHAM) on government has accentuated fears that the ruling Democratic Progressive Party ( DPP ) administration under Peter Mutharika is on the shrinking ship.

This has emerged as a shock to the Christian body expressing Malawi a state of “confusion” over government’s failure to repay a debt of K400 million for two years which was meant to boost its healthy financial status and service delivery.

Speaking in Mangochi on Wednesday during organization’s annual general meeting, CHAM chairman Father Peter Mulomole expressed dissatisfaction over government’s in running its daily affairs.

Fr. Peter Mulomole
Fr. Peter Mulomole; Govt hasn’t paid us back.

Mulomole cited that CHAM services in rural areas have being compromised due to government failure to repay a debt of K400 million for two years now.

According to Mulomole, CHAM subsidized all its hospital in rural areas in maternity and that its paid by government.

He said since the agreement, government has been facing struggle to pay the bills which has now accumulated to Mk400 million.

Stated Mulomole, “This debt goes back as far as two years back, it has been cumulating over the years. Some hospitals have now completely abandoned this service, others are charging fees now,”

However on his part, Minister of Health Peter Kumpalume said government will only pay the loan once it sources some funds from The Norwegian Government.

Most of CHAM hospitals are in rural areas a development that makes most of trained nurses shun working there.



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