Kimu Kamau rejects Mighty Wanderers post

Kim Kamau

Barely a few days after being appointed as the interim chairperson for Mighty Wanderers in the central region, Malawi’s self acclaimed soccer pundit, Kimu Kamau has rejected the position saying the appointment is inappropriate and illegal.

According to a letter this publication has seen, Kamau has rejected the nomads supporters’ offer for him to be the interim chairperson for the team in the central region.

“I hereby reject the proposal by a section of  Wanderers to appoint me as the chairman of the team for central region in one of the many interim appointments made to replace the current executive committee”

Kim Kamau
Kamau: Lyricallly denied the post.

“Much as I appreciate the confidence shown in me by Nomads supporters who believe I have the abilities to assist the team by holding such an important position, I feel the appointment is inappropriate and illegal,” reads part of the letter signed by Kamau.

He added that Wanderers is a democratic entity which has a constitution which has to be followed and respected by all stakeholders.

He further said that removing the current executive committee is violating the club’s constitution since it was legally elected and must be legally voted out of office at the general meeting which is to be held in March next year.

According to Kamau, the club’s poor run of results does not grant the stakeholders constitutional powers to remove the current committee and appoint an interim one.

“The current executive committee has done so well administratively by professionalizing the running of the team as well as managing to land a lucrative sponsorship deal from Be Forward Wanderers after years of running without a sponsor. As such the executive committee does not deserve to be chased out just like that,” he said.

He also advised all Wanderers supporters to let the current committee finalise its term and if they do not want them, they should speak out through a ballot paper at the team’s elections in March.

“It is only four months before the elections and if we really don’t want them to continue let us speak through the ballot paper,” Kamau said in his letter.

He has since reminded Nomads fans that in-house wrangles made the Nomads to lose sponsorship from Malawi Telecommunications Limited five years ago.

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  5. Kimu Kamau ameneyo. Munthu opita ku School. Nthawi yasalapang’no kuti Be Forward Wanderers isankhe munthu woyenera pa mpando.

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