Sulom to intervene on Nomads in-fighting

Nomads supporters

The latest in-house fighting at Mighty Wanderers has left the Super League of Malawi (Sulom) with no choice but to intervene in the saga.

The Nomads wrangle began after a section of the team’s supporters resolved to replace the current main and supporters executive committees with interim ones following the team’s poor run of results in the Super League.

The George Chamangwana led executive committee was, on Saturday, replaced by one led by Chipiliro Mpinganjira with Madani Somanje taking over as the supporters chairman.

However, Sulom is against the move and has since promised to sit down with the two parties to try and resolve the matter amicably.

“This in-house fighting is capable of destroying the club as such, we will sit down with the two parties and discuss amicably. It’s not good at all, football is a fair play as such issues like these needs to be resolved with caution,” said Williams Banda, Sulom general secretary.

Nomads supporters
Nomads supporters went divided on its leadership.

Former Nomads chairman, Humphrey Mvula, also echoed Banda’s advice. “If they are not careful with this, they might lose their current sponsorship with Be Forward. They need to sit down and resolve these issues amicably,” said Mvula.

On his part, general secretary of the club, Mike Butao, who is the only survivor from the sacked executive commitee, said the move by the pressure group is illegal.

“Though I wasn’t replaced as the club general secretary, I must condone this behavior by the supporters as illegal because we came into power through votes and they should have waited for the elections in December. We don’t recognize the interim executive and supporters committee,” said Butao.

One of the individuals appointed to the new supporters committee, Kimu Kamau, who was chosen to be chairman for central region, has since distanced himself from the position saying his appointment is inappropriate and illegal.

In a statement made available to Malawi24, Kamau has advised the pressure group to wait for the elections in December.

“Much as I appreciate the confidence shown in me by Nomads supporters who believe I have the abilities to assist the team by holding such an important position, I feel the appointment is inappropriate and illegal.

“Mighty Wanderers is a democratic entity with a binding constitution which all the team’s stakeholders must respect and uphold. In this case, the appointments violate the constitution”

“My plea is that the current executive should be allowed to continue serving until the end of the season then let the elections in March give us a new direction legally supported by the constitution,” reads part of the statement.



  1. enanu mongowona ngati mukakhalapo inu mavuto anu atha,kasachitabwino kwa anyamata sia komiti koma ulesi anyama ndikusadziwa choyenela kuchita mu glaundi. Uku ndiye kulankhula kwa nzeru. Kuchita bwino m’galaundi si (executive committee) ayi koma ma player kuikapo mtima. executive committee siwauza chochita m’galaundi but team spirit in the field of play. Nanga coach (Kananji) bwa????

  2. Ine ndi wa mawule koma ndati ndikuzuzuleni amzanga amaule..apa tawonesadi kuti amawulefe ndi mavendor,amaskin,agang’a,akapolo……ka league komweka tizipanga nako matama?…kulawula eti…mapazi athu

  3. Timu yayikulu ndi choncho. Ngakhale ku real madrid kuli mkangano. Noma is a reference, no tim can claim to be a giant without beating noma

  4. Tiyeni tikhale wogwirizana removing others from positions will not improve performance of the team.We are just in bad moments

  5. Kodi ku lilongwe kumene mukupita weekend muzikalimbirana chikho chiti?kwanuko kukangana sikunayambe.zifika powopsa maplayers mukudalirawo ena akabwera poyera kuti basi ulendo ku bullets.tindalama akulandilato ku bullets ndi times four.Panopo ndiyesa mwaziwa mwambi wa kamlepo kaluwa kuti asilikali akachita about turn, wapambuyo amapezeka ali pasogolo.bullets, richest club in malawi.

  6. violence cant solve de problem,u must sit down first to end de wrangles

  7. Guys resolve this simple issue amicably, Big Teams like Bullets would like to meet resistance from a slightly fair team like Noma, you can imagine the crowd that these 2 teams command whenever they are playing. We would like to see that continue

  8. enanu mongowona ngati mukakhalapo inu mavuto anu atha,kasachitabwino kwa anyamata sia komiti koma ulesi anyama ndikusadziwa choyenela kuchita mu glaundi.

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