Last OG Plastics shooting suspect arrested


Malawi Police in Limbe have arrested one of the robbers suspected to have shot dead a police officer and to have wounded an administrator at OG plastics in Blantyre.

It is believed that the suspect, John Kapitikisa and his five friends invaded OG Plastic offices where they ordered officials to give them money at gun point.

Police spokesperson, Rhoda Manjoro, said the thugs vented their anger by shooting a police officer who was on guard as well as an administrative officer.

Arrested“This happened a few days after Kapitikisa had just been released on bail from Maula Prison for the offence of murder and robbery”

“And, on this day, he (Kapitikisa) was the one driving a motor vehicle Nissan Tiida which the criminals used,” said Manjoro.

John Kapitikisa, 37, comes from Tapala village, Traditional Authority Likoswe in Chiradzulu.

He joins five other suspects Limbe Police has managed to arrest in relation to the incident.



  1. Kenako mawa tizimva kuti ali pa bail, koma abale malamulo a Malawi. Wogulitsa nyama ya galu wamangidwa 12 months, wopha munthu ali pa bail!!!! Eeeee!! Kani.

  2. even a police officer can be thug we all need good money pa malawi pano Where is gun control policy? and where do you think these bravo thugs get all these arms?

  3. Amagona Oshutidwayo Mmesa Amapita Ku Training Koma Ku Malawi Ngat Ukuyaka Wauwisi Nanga Kuli Bwanji Awambafe?Shame On Govt Of Apm!

  4. Ok tamva koma buy where did u gt dc pic from????. bcoz nkhani ndi pic zikusiyana. And where do the people gtng their guns from? I think apolice nomwenu ndiomwe mumawagulitsa kapena kuwabwereka, tsono akati ayesele mwainunomwe, pofuna kitsimikiza kuti yikugeira ntchito akulakwitsanso. Aaaaaaa guys tamatipatsirani nkhani zomveka. Ok keep him in a fridge.

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