BasketMouth coming to Malawi


With K10,000 for a standard ticket or K20,000 for a VIP one, you can buy yourself the rare opportunity to mingle with BasketMouth, one of Africa’s most known comics, next month as he is scheduled to stage a show the Capital Lilongwe.

Born Bright Okpocha in Lagos, Nigeria, BasketMouth is listed as one of the funniest people in Africa by CNN. He studied Sociology and Anthropology in the University of Benin.

BasketMouth coming to Malawi

He is an accomplished Comedian, Actor and entrepreneur, having hosted his own show on MTV Base, called The Big Friday Show which was a big success and won the best TV Show in 2013.

He picked the stage name “Basketmouth” because he just speaks his mind unfiltered, without holding anything back – just like how a literal basket doesn’t hold water.

He has headlined shows in multiple African countries such as Ghana, Kenya and South Africa.

BasketMouth became a darling among many in the country following his ‘There are Two Things Involved’ skit. This is the first time he is coming to Malawi.



  1. I am happy that Basketmouth is coming, but when will Malawi come up with their own International English Stand-up Comedians? We only have one in Malawi, yet we have many talented guys that have just not been exposed.

  2. Mukamapita kumeneko osaiwala kut tili ndi anzathu ovutika omwe akufunika thandizo, so be wise enough!

  3. I will be there. Pple r paying prostitutes more than that, why complaining on comedy. We malawians dont use our leisure time for helping things. We even use money mostly for evil purposes

  4. Better Izeki Ndi Jacob, Pano Tkudandaula Za Kwacha, Ndye Wina Angochoka Uko Basi Atibele, May Be Akufuna Dipoti Ameneyo.

    1. INE SINDINGAONO 10 or20grand for just lough mmmmmmmh! Bola mkamwele

  5. Economy yathu ndiye kuti ili bwino eti?k10 grand and k20gran nthabwala zomwezi,miyezi yochepa talandira oimba akunja ambiri pano ndi comedian anthu amenewa akumabwera ma dollars oti mkusintha economy or akumadzangotikolora ka kwacha kathuka.

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