Shire Valley declared free from Foot and Mouth disease

Malawi Cattle

Malawi’s Ministry of agriculture, irrigation and water development has removed the ban on the sell of livestocks in the Shire valley.

Malawi Cattle
Livestock got attacked in the Lower Shire.

The ministry says it has not registered new cases on the disease and it has completed all vaccination therefore the affected areas are declared free from foot and mouth disease.

Spokesperson in the ministry Hamilton Chimala said the areas which were affected by the disease in the month of September 2015 are now free.

” We are pleased to announce to all stakeholders and the general public that we have not had any new cases of the disease,we have completed all vaccination and have lifted the suspension of livestock markets in Shire valley,” said Chimala.

The ministry is therefore asking farmers and the general public that they must not allow their livestock to graze close to national parks so that they don’t get in contact with buffalo who are carriers of the disease.

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