Exclusive: MCP has failed Malawians

Lazarus Chakwera, Richard Msowoya, Malawi Congress Party

 Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and its Members of Parliament (MPs) have come under fire for not providing effective opposition to get the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) government on its toes to deliver on the plethora of promises and assurances it gave the people per its 2014 tripartite elections manifesto.

Issues at the hearts of Malawians seem to be ignored as the leading opposition party is focused on internal bickering.

The DPP government continues to get away with unfulfilled promises against the backdrop of a non-vibrant opposition that seems to be sleeping on the job and remains a massive disappointment to the people of Malawi who relies on it to get the government to run the nation in the right way.

Lazarus Chakwera, Richard Msowoya, Malawi Congress Party
Chakwera and Msowoya:Not living by their words.

In an interview with Malawi24, Chancellor College based political scientist Mustafa Hussein urged the opposition to reflect on the current situation of the country rather than focusing on criticisms that are not constructive.

Hussein said that the opposition has not given the alternatives that government should perceive in order to address the challenges that Malawi is facing.

“MCP has failed to provide measures on how best government can convince donors, what should be done to improve the economy; policy measures to be taken have not been articulated to government and the public”

“The problem is that politicians are not skeptical the way they conduct themselves, there is always a gap in what is in the manifesto and what they do. We have to move a step further not just in words but action as well,” he said.

He also hinted that Chakwera is not giving sufficient hope as the person to take over come 2019.

While poor Malawians are suffering, Chakwera and his deputy, Richard Msowoya have unnecessarily spent over K300 million on four top of the range vehicles.

The vehicles includes the state of the art Toyota Land cruiser V8 which cost about K96 million for Speaker Richard Msowoya and three Toyota Prado VXs costing K80 million each for leader of opposition Lazarus Chakwera and the two deputy speakers.

However, Chakwera has been at the forefront criticizing President Peter Mutharika over his failure to resurrect Malawi from its economic downturn.

72 thoughts on “Exclusive: MCP has failed Malawians

  1. Mcp is not in control of Government its DPP. how can u keep pointing fingers on them. olamula ndiomwe amakhala ndi mphavu. u have to think before positing something. To say the fact things r getting worse Ngakhale tizizilimbitsa mtima kumalemba zoterezi koma tiziwe kuti zinthu zifika pothina hvy. ndikuona mafuta akusowaso kusogoloku ndithu. ine I knew kuti donors would not resume aid after Amayi

  2. Let me remind Mr Mustafa Hussen of the dying UDF that Malawians were given an opportunity to bring things in the right direction. Malawians on May 2014 had every chance to start standardising education. They had a chance to reclaim a true economical transformation. Where was Mr Hussen when the votes were marred? Where were you when the number of results outnumbered the voters? Where was this political commentator when Jumbe was getting injunction to stop the truth of the election outcomes? Were you there when the Blantrye court was rushing for injustice? Or you were sleeping when Mbendera was weeping? Why didnt you say anything when they rushed to swear ‘him’ into presidency? If you thought the MCP would help, that was a right time to speak. Thank you that you know that this so called Chakwela can help Malawians. Malawians are indeed inneed of a helper and not this DPP.

  3. I dont think this fool who blames MCP is a right blamer. I see 3 fingers pointing to himself. In defensive drive training we are told to drive one car and never blame any driver when you have an accident. Do you mean the DPP doesnt know what should be done? I also want to know who is blaming the opposition. Is it the DPP or the Malawians? Who? mr malawi 24?

  4. Kkkkkk very foolish Malawians! Sure MCP to blame? Diphiphi blind stooges only can say that! Manyazi for a failed president. Taking MCP as a scape goat hahahahah shame on you. Simunati kupala, leave mcp alone. Muchona USA Professor Ibu kkkkkkk woyeee!

  5. To me i see MCP failed malawians in the way that they have not helped the govt. in giving alternative solutions to the problems we are facing and for its Leaders who have failed to show exemplary life by acquiring expensive cars after they had criticized the govt on extragavance.

  6. muzungu ndi mzungu gule alindikwawo astiwonongere ziko amcp masankha sankha anuwa athesa ana pamudzi. osasata ndalama kapana kuyera khungu koma sankha mnthu ndi unthu wake.

  7. I strongly think the author was bed ridden when we voted in 2014 and is not sure whether MCP is in power or not. Can some body tell him to wk up from his deep slumber and come back to his senses and start blaming the right “he goats “

  8. Zitsiru zimasangalala chitsiru chixawo chikamavula Ngati pali chipani chalowetsa umphawi pa Malawi ndiye DPP ndiye ena adziti nyonyonyo kupusa eti ngati ukuona kuti alephera bwanji osayankhula ndiweyo

  9. Olo ayankhule boma silimavera when they talk the govt bring up made up stories which u people believe. Mcp can make noise and the govt still won’t change their decision

  10. mcp ndi chipani chopanda tsogolo ndie amalawi tingayembekeze chamzeru chotani chochokera kuchipaniku mkuthandiza boma?mcp tinathana nayo mu zaka 31 zija pano sitingaipatse mpata ili ndi mapolicy onunkhu bad ndiganizanso ovotera mcp ndi forena yemwe sakuidziwa mcp koma naka mmalawi sangaganize zovotera mcp

    1. Apa Zavuta aHussein kupempha otsutsa apeleke nzeru koma inuinu mwaganiza polankhula kapena ai ndi zoona adaononga ndalama pakampeni ndiye lero azitani.Komabe za MSB a boma adayendetsa bwino anga za SONA zolankhula zao bwanji. Olephela ndani CHAKWERA ndi PETER? Koma mwatsimikiza kuti zakanikadi ndipo CHAKWERA aprtirize kupelekd nzeru?

  11. Who is failing, the govt or the opposition? Boma lilipoli silimva zoyankhula za anthu, nthawi imene boma linkafuna kugulitsa MSB the opposition talked in disagreement but the govt went ahead and sale MSB.They hav to ask each other where they had put their manifesto. We dont want to hear that they are not derivering bcoz their manifesto is missing. Here we hav a president who has alot of advisers what are they doing, arent they advising him.

  12. Donors work as one. Govt has to reflect on the reasons for aid widrawal and avoid repeating same mistakes. Finally gvt must abide by the conditions given for aid resumption. Anything deemed as mere lipservice will yield nothing as far as donor money is concerned. Govt has very experienced people at the top. They know very well why they can not meet the conditions and no one can push them including the mcp. Aid will resume as soon as Govt is seen to be doing something about the set conditions. Remember that the aid we get is tax payers money back in their countries and they feel angry to see their money being squandered by corrupt gvt leaders yet they have give account to their people back home. Mcp and Ngos can talk but nothing will happen as long as gvt wants to treat Donors as kids who can be deceived by sugar coated statements. Govt should know that they can lie to Malawians for as long as they want but not the donors may be with the exception of China.

    1. Alibe nzeru ndi Pitala wako osati mzozondo Chakwera sakuyendetsa boma koma akulitsutsa boma likamachita zobwatalala fundo zoyendetsela boma zili mmanja mwa DPP zawo adzachita akadzasankhidwa.Chala lozani aDPP kwa aMCP ndikufunsa kuti kodi MSB bwanji, SONA{gulu limakatani} NJALA,MANKHWALA, ZIPATALA ndi zina anthu mwawaganizila motani?a boma amapeleka machitidwe ao omwe akakhala oyipa amatsutsa kuti achite mokomela anthu ndi cholinga choti zidzawachitile ubwino aDPP sakutha kuganizila bwino zotsatila ndi zimenezi mukuloza Chakwera. Lazani Pitala ndi amene akulamulira Malawi

    2. inuso ndachitsilu zelu mulibe. Akuyendetsa boma ndichakwera or ibu wanu uja? Chakwera amangokuunikilani basi ukuva bwampini iwe

  13. Truely, MCP has failed Malawi. Just resently, it has failed to pay water bills at Zomba Central Hospital. It has also failed to tell DPP that nurses and doctors are needed in our hospitals, and that patients require 3 meals a day not one nor none. DPP is waiting to be always told by MCP on what and how to do as its DPP leadership is in a deep slumber. Ukuzitsata aise.

    1. And the Mcp has failed to stabilise water and electricity. It has also failed to reduce number of delegates to UN. It has failed to investigate the 577billion cashgate. The mcp has also raised taxes and fees.

  14. Aaaaa simunati muvutikanalo boma limenero osadandawula apa kumati mcp sikutithandiza ai aaaaa mesa anakuwuzani kuti sankhani mwanzelu kuti zaka 5 musadzavutike kkkkk munyatu tsono

  15. What can they say while the government is doing its best to improve life standard of people in Malawi amati atani inu sunawaone ayambapo kampeni before 2019 zoputsa basi Dpp boma

  16. He is talking bullshit. Suzuki sinamupindilile gwayani ameneneyu. Even if the government was advised not to sell msb, what did they do?
    These Democratic government S are selling anything they can lay their hands on without replacing=thieves

  17. Do not listen to Mustafa Husein, he is Dpp. Wh does he accuse Chakwera of the vehicles, does Chakwera work at the ministry of finance that he effected the buying of the vehicles. These are the people together with Dpp who confuse Malawians. Stupid fools.

  18. Let’s be realistic pliz… MCP has not failled. Infact we could’nt hv known that the President’s speech was empty minus Chakwera. MCP leader is trying his best to suggest solutions, but this DPP govt doesn’t take anything from him. Especially kwathu kuno, timangowombera manja president pa chirichonse mmalo momudzudzula. Mupite ku chipatala ku chikwawa, Machinga and here @ Phalombe, munene mgati mupeze mankwala… I think in 2019, we shld jst vote wisely, osatengera kumene munthu akuchokera.

  19. Sindizavotanso amboni za yehova samanama kuti ndi kuchilikiza ulamuliro wa satana

  20. What kind of alternatives do you want? If you heard the response to SONA by Chakwera Lunguzi Musa you get everything there. Whether the gvmt will adhere is not opposition’s problem. Remember the report by Dausi and co. If indeed this was said by Hussein then he has inclined to pointing a finger at the opposition.

  21. Malawians did not vote for MCP. Moreover MCP didnot prepare opposition manifesto. This is time for DPP.

  22. During baba JT time,opposition inali very strong,amayankhula strong words mpaka that government imasatila decision ya Tembo,koma tikuonazi si True Orignal MCP awa ngolowera kuzatizumza mkumati tikuimirira anthu akumudzi ,anthu ake ati? Where are u mr Tembo? ur still watching the stupidity of this kabwira talkative,according to Mcp pillars what’s this. Mmalo moti aziuze za dpp the right channel to follow ali buzy kampeni,ndye tivota liti,mwandipyesanso mtima

  23. Government is run by both ruling party and opposition parties. If you Chakwera is saying Peter has failed to bring back economy of this country, it means you have also failed too. You politicians need to hold hands to solve this economic crisis together for the betterment of Malawians

  24. Munthu suthawa ntchito ya mulungu ndiye nkumati ulamulira dziko ng’oooo.Amufunse Yona wa m’baibulo kuti chinamuchitikira ndi chiyani atathawa kutumikira ntchito ya Mulungu

  25. Iwe nde mbuzi yamunthu Hussein wamva. Chakwera walakwa chiani? Sungayamike mmene akugwirira ntchitomu. Vuto ndilakuti uli mtulo nde sukuona. U’ll appreciate wen u wake up. Chakwera akalankhula mukuti walakwitsa, akangokhala mukutinso walakwitsa nde azitani? Mbuzi iwe eti

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