Commentators back Chakwera sentiments on Mutharika’s incompetence

Lazarus Chakwera

Social commentators in have echoed sentiments by leader of opposition and Malawi Congress Party (MCP) President, Lazarus Chakwera, that President Peter Mutharika is an incompetent leader clinging on to power.

Renowned social commentator and human rights activist, Emily Mkamanga, told this publication that Mutharika has run out of plans as evidenced by his illogical speech which he delivered when opening the current parliamentary session.

To Mkamanga, it was unfortunate for Mutharika to deliver a very short speech considering that the country is passing through hot waters.

She said the President could have addressed many things that are currently affecting the country rather than just summarizing by cheating Malawians that things are fine in the country.

Peter Mutharika and Lazarus Chakwera
Chakwera: Mutharika (L) is incompetent.

“23 minutes were not enough for a leader like him. I think he could have highlighted many things that are affecting Malawians and announce his government’s plans in sorting out the same. So I may second Chakwera’s sentiments that Mutharika is just clinging to power,” said Mkamanga.

Dan Msowoya also echoed the same views citing that Mutharika’s address left a lot to be applauded. To him Mutharika needed to tackle many areas that Malawians are complaining about.

Msowoya noted that the current state of affairs portrays that the president is ruling this country under pressure that he does not really know exactly what his responsibilities are.

“I read the speech of Chakwera and I think he was right to say Mutharika has run out of plans but only clinging to power. He needs to take his responsibilities as a leader so that people may have confidence in him,” said Msowoya.

Meanwhile Malawi24 has established that parliamentarians from the Northern region are planning on raising a question in the august house on the current leadership on its incompetence and prolonged nepotism. Legislator for Mzimba West, Harry Mkandawire, confirmed arranging some meetings to mull over the move.

“This leadership has lost direction. What we see is nepotism and nothing else, so we will have some meetings as members of parliament from the North to strategize on how we can ask government on the reasons it keeps sidelining the North,” said Mkandawire.

Efforts to hear from government proved futile as minister of information, Jappie Mhango, could not avail himself for interview as he was reportedly attending a funeral.


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  1. Mukhalira yonyoza anzanu yomweyo kwinaku mukuzichita decampghain nokha, pozafika 2019, ndimwana yemwe atakudziwani kuti ndiinu ma educated salvage ndithu, abale popanda nchimodzi chomwe choyamikira. Koma tambala wakuda, nkhanza sadzalekadi. Eeeee!! Koma ndiye,,,

  2. Tisanamizanepo apa.Malawi needs donor support even mister chakwera akudziwa nawo.

  3. The country needs donor support,it can not move forward with the little we are collect in the name of taxes.Mutharika is not a faliaur,the policies are just good ever if implimented.Chakwera talked knowing where the problem is coming from

  4. you are talking of local commentators what about international commentators,have they echoed anything about Chakwela’s essay? Mutharika’s 24 minutes speech was praised by USA ambassador and other international diplomats.

  5. What commentators do z make unnecessary noise and yet they dont do sumthng worth in alleviatng pples problems rather aggravatng them

  6. Ine ndimasapotela DDP koma kunena chilungamo Dr Chakwera ndi wa maganizo akuya, wa masomphenya. I hope in 2019 he will be a Malawi leader. What a foresighted leader he will be! MCP WOYEEEEE!

    1. Man andale ndi choncho,mudzakhumudwa chakwera atawina koma nkumatinso bola mutharika uja zinthu zitafika povuta.vuto si mutharika ai,koma mabungwe omwe adasiya kuthandiza dziko lino.munthu amaoneka dolo ena akamapatsa support.

  7. achakwela ndi pete wa misala ndi ndani wina kusiya ubusa kukayamba zandale wina ku choka ku usa kumalamulila ntundu wa amalawi

  8. Peter Muthalika is not the anointed leader of Malawi, all the hardships the people are facing is due to his presence.NDI WA MINYAMA PETER. The anointed leader of Malawi is Madam Joyce Banda.

  9. All he wants is ufumu basi palibe za utsogoleri apa. No wonder he broke his brothers rib and later became leader of midnight six. Wisard

  10. i think federation wanna help us as northerners…… Keep on HM plus Mzomera to apart from them

  11. If Chakwera thinks he can do better, its better he wait for his after the five year term elapses rather than try to sabotage Muthalikas plans just to win peoples hearts. I thought the opposition role is to help build the nation not pull each other down.

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