Peoples Party to merge with MCP

Uladi Mussa

Ex ruling Peoples Party (PP) leader of house in Parliament Uladi Mussa has claimed that Malawi can have good governance if the country were to be led by an alliance of Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and the former ruling PP.

According to Mussa, the two parties have potential to bring the donor era back within a month if they were to rule the country.

“We can negotiate with donors to be supporting us and we proved that when Joyce Banda was President, she negotiated with donors and they came,” said Mussa.

Uladi Mussa
Mussa: Wants PP merged with MCP.

He also outlined some of the things a PP-MCP alliance would do to coax donors.

“First we will make sure that the house is in order, we will clean the mess inside because these donors have demanded that the K92 billion cashgate under late Bingu wa Mutharika should be audited or else they will hold the aid if we will not meet these demands.

“PP and MCP have experienced leaders, I have been in the house for over twenty years and I know better how things are handled for the common goal of the country,” said Mussa.

Mussa further urged the media in the country to be writing positive stories on the possible alliance of PP and MCP during the 2019 general elections.

PP and MCP remain prominent parties in the opposition benches in the house after United Democratic Front (UDF) moved to government side.



  1. Uladi was just suggesting,re-read the content guys,after all expecting dpp again in 2019, mmmmmmmm maloto anjoka ofuna miyrndo ndi matako,with my Malawi, pliz forget about dpp in 2019 or else pazafa stranger ndithu

  2. MCP z oredy strong on its own ,,,,,Uladi ngati wawona kuti PP yanuyo yachepera usatibweresere mavuto a cashgate Ku Chipani chathu ,,,we don’t need UA support kuti tiwine we will win de election on our own,,,,DPP taifoola tokha NDE muzibwera tiyeni tigwirizaneni kulibe zimenezo ,,,,tamangopitilizani Ndi Kens Msonda wakoyo ma cashgate nokhanokha

  3. If I’ll be the next President and my wife be the vice hen yes to good government. As for all of u whose nose sticks out for Kwacha(money). Forget good Malawi

  4. Kumeku ndi timati ku zingwa ka mfuse tembo chipan chimene chidzakhale ndi mpata waukulu chidzakhala cha newwan motsogozedwa ndi dpp inanu mudzasova

  5. M’malo mopanga gwirixano oti bwampiniyu timupha bwanji zaziiiii

  6. Kkkkkkk odiiiii ukooooo,pamenepa ndetimatino mantha ndi DPP mmmm why u guyz always fond of copromising ur followers? MCP is very strong party PP too but why all this? These 2 parties are helpless the dont even know what they are doing,I regrate why mr Tembo retired and hand us to this foolish Chakwela.

  7. aaaaa tufuna maso mphenya a dzikoli azioneka.sitimadziwa wabwino ndi woyipa.Let Phanvu ya satana take them all Out.We are looking on the bright side of it,of their separations.Coz zambiri zimanveka pakakhala choipa and popanda gwilizano.

  8. Mgwirizano ulibe phindu taonapo mbuyomu zipani zikupanga zimenezi koma atsogoleriwa amankhumudwitsa masapota awo chifukwa anthu m’maderamu aliyense amasapota chipani chake ndiye kutenga awa ndi awo kuti agwirizane ndi zovuta kwambiri.

  9. mwati pp ikufuna kutani ndi mcp? Pp idali momo zaka zamasi za dpp koma idangobako dollar osapanga chitukuko, ndiye mufuna mukabakule zina ndi mcp. Mukuopa kuima panokhatu Peter akukuopsani simungamuthe nonse patikizanani azakuphwasuleni limozi Peter, kkkkkkkk! Ndiye change goal simulowasa chipani cha Peter kumusiya mayi wanuyo

  10. Mudzaluza movetsa chisoni gwirizano wa pp ndi mcp . Yelekezani olo mavoti Mcp azatsikilatu , ichi ndi chimene chakhala chikugwetsa mcp. Poor decision. Amalawi akuziwa tikuzumzika chifukwa cha pp.

  11. Dn’t get political gains&favours Mr Uladi u were in de system & u failed de country so wat?dont fool us ur tym is gone.give Peter chance.its nt over yet.

  12. No problem that’s part of democracy and dont forget that the best party will win and UDF and DDP alliance is probably the best and they will win landslide believe me or not that was my thought and that merger will be called UDDP thus United Democratic parties

  13. That will be gud, since there is a saying that says united we stand divided we fall, but mcp shud be careful bcoz pp has links to cashgate and this might scare some voters. As for me i say better devil mcp and pp than devil dpp and udf.

  14. Thats why i say God has plans for this nation,running away from Him and now planning to asociate with cashgaters this z to tell us who this man z.

  15. Agalu inu # MCP # PP.. munaluza chifukwa chani? Mwachepa hvy DPP Boma mulakhula mutopa nokha ife tili phee…..Peter woyyeee amene zimuwawe akakolope nyanja tnavotera peter ndifeyooo osat inuyoooo

  16. 20 yrs in the house? and what do you have to show for that? Manyazi bwanji Uladi?

  17. Mcp alliance wth PP dats great news i lyk most,dis wil help Mcp to take over de votes from northen region as wl as central region,,ife a mcp tisadere nkhawa kungomenya northen & central yonse tidzatenga boma,,,anthu a dpp akuchita manyaz kunyoza chipan chawo ngakhale chalephera kuyendetsa boma,,so to mi dat alliance is agud news.

    1. man mukunama mwanva,if u follow population satistics, mundivomereza kut ku south kuli anthu ambiri zed,and pa centra+north kuliso anthu ambiri a kumwera 4buznes,so awo ndi maloto chabe!

  18. Moti muzikambilana mfundo zachitukuko koma busy ndi aliance yopanda phindu! Kufuna kuonjezera mavuto, wait4 2019 its nt time 4 campaign , dekhan phuma bwanj? Mukungoononga nazo image yanu, angeres always sum up problems. tatopananu.

  19. That is the opinion of Malawi 24,as far as I know MCP has not said something, JB has also not said something, so you Malawi 24 is Uladi the owner of PP? you like twisting stories that’s poor reporting

  20. Munamvapo kuti kuti mpinga ndi bar zipanga mgwirizano kapena kuti. Nsing,’anga ndi m’busa akukhala nyumba imozi. Ndekuti zao ndizimozi

  21. That will be the end of PP, the greatest mistake for MCP. PP is one party that has no base. Munachuluka a tidye nawo. MCP will definitely be soiled with PP’s dirty history. Think about cashgate. Above all there is nothing common between PP and MCP apart from the fact that they both are on the opposition side in parliament. MCP and PP have no common policies.

  22. pangani alliance yanuyo makapeee tidzakuphwasulireni limodzi sagwada 2019 ngati ndikoyamba ngati? Mcp ndi udf 2009 anachita chimodzimodzi tinawanyenyanyenya apapanso yelekezani tidzakujandulireni limodzi ana osasamba

  23. Mlandu suwola,kungatalike Peter ndi anzake adzayankha mlandu wa ndalama zomwe adaba nthawi ya Bingu,pano ali busy hunting JB and her associates which is very sensible while they are also busy taking taxi payers money to buy a lot of vehicles.UDF idatha,yatsala ndi PP,enawo asova aziona kolowera zaka zikubwerazi,,..mapeto ake tidzakhala ndizipani ziwiri..Akuyambitsa zipani zawo panopawa akungochedwa.

  24. What a silly speech,
    uladi musa has archeaved nothing in his political carrier,
    he is just a desperate man seeking chances to steal some more money again,
    go to hell uladi,
    it would have been better had it been you mentioned mcp only

  25. If MCP makes an alliance with PP ungoziwira2 kuti MCP yatha basi ndipo sizalamuliraso Malawi.Bambo Chakwera mudziwe zimenezi.Asakupusitseni Mr Change goal

    1. MCP flows in my blood en Dr.Chakwera 2 me z an ideal president kma pa izi zokha I can’t gv a smile.PP so chipani man that’s y a malemu a Bingu ankati ndi cha mu briefcase. Aaah My MCP z gone!!!!

  26. U all thieves how can u come up with a good governance since all u know is to enlarge ur stomaches and never mind about welfair of people? U are just like this curent government

  27. Timadziwa kuti zanu ndi zimodzi koma musayese kuti mudzalamulanso dziko la Malawi, Ndipo PP sizapedzanso mpando uliwonse pachisankho chilichonse, (Mark my words)

  28. It was dpp with udf nw pp with mcp, I forsee malawi having only 2 strong parties in the near future. that preclues a healthy politics one for the ruling and the other in opposition. osangoti zipani mbwee!

  29. I wonder if this information is true but then, if it is, MCP is really proving to be a misled party. First it was a non-successful merger wth the “then opposition UDF” against the ruling theyR nursing ideas of an alliance wth PP?….Ths wl make DPP more popular methinks! One tends to wonder what the Reverend z thinking…he really must b scared

  30. Ife sitilora kuti muyambitse nkhondo.. Just Pray 2 God, He Wl Ans Us.

  31. thats good,,we need this unity,if all the parties were like this,am sure malaw would go further though it has come too late

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