Robert Mugabe dies this year-Prophet Liabunya says

Robert Mugabe
Austin Liabunya
Liabunya: The man behind the prophecy.

Malawi controversial prophet, Austin Liabunya might have the powers to tell when someone will die or being born but for Zimbabwe President, Robert Mugabe, the man of God says the 91 year only has up until 31st December to live.

Liabunya prophecy which hit the media earlier this year has now been under debate now as the days to Mugabe’s death near.

10 months after he made his controversial prediction, the preacher has expressed no regret saying Mugabe will die by the 31st December this year, News24 Zimbabwe reported on Wednesday.

“He made these utterances at the new year during a cross over service in Lilongwe.The service was held in Area 23 at Music Cross Road tent in Malawi’s administrative capital Lilongwe in the early hours of January 1st” a published report reads.

Liabunya said “Mugabe’s biological clock will not tick beyond this year ” after which Zimbabwe will be “restored” to be one of the richest countries in Africa.
The prophet said First Lady Grace Mugabe “will never win in Zimbabwean politics” and had simply joined politics to “protect her ill-gotten wealth,” for which she would be soon humiliated.

Robert Mugabe
Mugabe: ‘Mugabe dying soon.’

Liabunya said that it would be good for Grace to contest as she would give back wealth to the Zimbabweans during the campaign period.

This time the preacher says Mugabe will “certainly die as proclaimed by this oracle of God and I will be vindicated as God’s humble messenger.”

Liabunya is a controversial figure who has won himself a following over the last few years predicting accurate political events in Malawi. His followers say that he accurately prophesied former Malawian President Joyce Banda’s defeat in 2014.

But the preacher has been slammed for making false predictions all to seek popularity after during the same January service he told his followers that Zambian opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema would emerge as the new President of Zambia when the country goes to election on January 20, something which turned out to be untrue. The United Party for Development leader was beaten by Patriotic Front leader Edgar Lungu who ironically has been getting support from President Mugabe.

Church members charge the Prophet did not miss anything and had already said Lungu would win by stealth after obtaining help from Mugabe.

Liabunya had last year prophesied that the current Malawi ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) would be ruled by a youthful leader as there will be incessant rebellion, something which is yet to take place.



  1. My fellow malawian please when the vision come to you ask God before you speak to the congregation because all prophecy is not from God, and remember we are leaving in the last days satan also he is using his angles to deceive the people of God in many ways so if you are not muture spiritualy always people they will call you sorts of names because of lack of wisdom my God bless you reading this message amen

  2. People should wish each other good not bad omens as such.Mugabe should live .He is the only strong president to stand and speak against the white.

  3. Uhuu a prophet mungapangapo chaa kut muprophesise success ya munthu? 2 hell wth u!only GOD knws the tym 9thr does any1 nor anythin #LEAVE_MUGABE_ALONE_PLIZ_4_HE_SPEAKS_4_AFRICA!!

  4. Achimwene. Za u prophet zatha panopo, bambo! Kodi zinthuzi zambiri mwakamba zimakhala zaboza, ndiye simungachite manyazi? kumawonjezera maboza? Kodi mukanaso, ma foloowers anu azati chani? Or ndithakhala mkazi wako ndikhoza kukuthawira, wandichitisa manyazi….. Maliro si oseweresa mufana.. Uziwona

  5. Do not judge for you will be judged, even in the bible there were prophets of doom..aliyense ali ndi mphatso imene mulungu anamupats..ngati ali wa chinyengo mulungu ndi amene azamuweluze

  6. What’s ur aim. R u tryng to conviece us that u r a true prophet? Y can’t u go to Mugabe and tell him that he wl die b4 2016. PART OF SATANISM.

  7. I was hoping this prophet would be talking about prayers for Muga!! i mean his doing the opposite, using the spirit of the tongue against him! psssh his not right

  8. Maprofet amenewa osalosera bwanji zakubweranso kwa yesu kuti tikonzekere makamaka tsiku ndi nthawi yake? Otherwise akagwere ,sakudziwa kuti Mugabe amaopedwa ndi azungu ? Mukafunse Bush junior

  9. Palibe yemwe amadziwa siku lobadwa ndi lokufa kwa chithu chilichonse,ndimulungu yenkha basi amene adziwa za tsikulo.kwamunthu Okhulupilira ndi Owopa mulungu zimenezo ndizoletsedwa kukhulupilira ndiochepa amene angandimvetse bwino lomwe.

  10. When will these prophet’s mind on there business?Have they ever thought whow bad pple 3ls abt hearing these type of messages? mainly those who r close to en those who love the person prophesied to die.Only God knows!

  11. Mugabe is only our pillar lyk the kruma, kenyatta mzee jomo so why mbuzi iwe ukufuna afe too early? Uli mgulu la amuna ogonana okhaokha mbuzi bastard

  12. Mxiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ,,,, Wat kind of Prophets do we have in Malawi whose Prophecies are always meant for someone’s death ?? Is this a Prophetical qualification ?

  13. U must be crazy,cause this z nt the tym to bluff people, I guess u don’t have any idea 4 wht God has planned for Him.u better stop ur speculations otherwise you will be the first to go……!!!!!!!!

  14. Aaa Timaprophet Ta Masiku Ano, Ntchito Prophesizing Za Chuma,matenda,imfa N The Like. Wy Not Somethn Postive? Kuzisaka In The Namd Ov The Lord. A Thief Is Btr Off Than Timbava Totibera Likuswa Mtengoti. Tikulemera Pomwe Osauka In The Samd Churh Goes Beyond Poverty. Timakonda Kulalika Kwa Olemera Kuthawa Amphawi. Tikaciza Mmodzi Timadzifotokoza Choseco Titalephera Mabvuto A Anthu Ambiri. Masiku Omaliza Thats Wy U R There. SHAME

  15. Why do you keep prophesying about his death? What feat do you want to achieve or else did His Excellency wrong at one time? Why are you so much bent on his life? What does the world gain from losing him? Is that part of spreading salvation to the end of the earth? Can’t you see your prophesies are confusing many than drawing them nigh to God? Don’t you think it would do us good if you sometimes prophesied something good like the transformation of our political leaders for the betterment of our mother Malawi? As a man of God yourself, don’t you feel duty bound to pray for comrade Mugabe so that he don’t die; that is if at all your prophesy is from God and to which I am neutral for lack of proof. I am just like many here not comfortable of having you prophecy about Mugabe’s death now and again. What reason did God give you for taking Mugabe’s life? Is he the stumbling block towards your calling others to Christ? Don’t you think its high time you left him all alone? He will die when he will die just like you and me and not by force. Walakwanji Mugabe Abusa Liabunya?

  16. Ma prophet amvula zino amenewo, omangopanga ma prophecy a maliro basi and yet kwawo mavuto thooooo kuwakanika kusova….eish

  17. Nanunso a Saulosi Kachitsa, bwanji mukumuikira kumbuyo prophet ameneyu? timakudaliranitu tili pa Bunda maka pa kuyankhula za nzeru. Mkuluyu akunama.Bwanji osalosela kuti mvula iyamba liti ndipo igwa motani? why only Mugabe? what about his uncle, aunt,sisters, brothers and relatives? when will these pple go including Obama? plz stop targeting African heroes.My Almighty God bless Mugabe.

  18. Long. Live Mr president Mwari bedzi ndiye anopa ndiye anotora

  19. osatambasulira malemba am’buku loyera bwanji kuti mwina mkukopako nkhosa zingapo zosochera kuzilowetsa mnkhola aneneri onyenga inu? mlekeni mzanu alamulire dziko la kwao ana anjoka inu!. tsiku lokufa munthu amalidziwa ndi ambuye

  20. Its better to repent than to accuse for death shall visit everyone including liyabunya and all of us God forgive our sins and wash away evil upon us.Amen

  21. Iweyo LIABUNYA ufa liti???? zazii Only God Knows #PRESIDENT_COMRADE_ROBERT_GABRIEL_MUGABE mamuonjezela masiku ngat musakuziwa…. wosalosela kut Chuma cha Malawi chiyamba kuenda bwino liti bwanji….??? Zau #SATANIC

  22. 31 December 2015. is not yet come. why can you keep your judgiment on this man called prophet Liyabunya up to 1 January 2016, then you will judge him on fact. thats my simple advice to you all that you have been given a grace to judge others.

  23. Predictions of False Prophets John actually saw the increase of false prophets as a sign of the end times and he commanded believers to not believe them. In 1 John 4:1 he wrote, “friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world .” Jesus said that in the last days, “many false prophets will appear and deceive many people” (Matt 24:11). Jesus and John’s prophecies came true in their day and they are increasing in number in our day. I have been in churches where some have prophesied about things that neither came true or that did not square with the Word of God. God is not giving new revelation today because we have all the revelation we need with the New Testament and the Old Testament. Jesus warned us to “watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves” (Matt 7:15). Further, Peter wrote that “there were also false prophets among the people, just as there will be false teachers among you. They will secretly introduce destructive heresies, even denying the sovereign Lord who bought them— bringing swift destruction on themselves. Many will follow their depraved conduct and will bring the way of truth into disrepute. In their greed these teachers will exploit you with fabricated stories. Their condemnation has long been hanging over them, and their destruction has not been sleeping” (2 Pet 2:1-3).

    1. Amen, why ths guy likes to come on air and telling us of death prophecies only on high ranked people forgeting to tell us of their blessings?

  24. kodi ma prophet inu bwanji?Kodi mayesa palibe yemwe amadziwa tsiku,chaka,nthawi kmanso hour lokufa munthu kupatula Mulungu yekha basi.Nanga ngati zili zoona zoti Mugabe afa chaka chino,Mungatiuze chaka chomwe mudzafe inuyo?Zafika po bussness tsopano Mulungu atithandize ndithu

  25. Kodi inu ma prophet onama inu, amene mwampezerera ndi Mugabe basi? Hahahahaha!! Moti mupempherere Mvula, muli busy kunena amzanu kuti afa. Tsono inu ndi u prophet wanu wabodzawo mufa liti? Koma ngati saafa munthawi imeneyo, udziwe wamputa Mugabe ndithu. Msiyeni Mugabe abale. Nthawi ikakwana amwalira yekha, osati muchite kumulodza iyai.

  26. Iwe wanyora nyaya iyi uribenzi ko kumalawiko benzirenyu richafa rini ,iwe prophet utswage zwimwe zwokuita ndiwe mwari here anoziva musi wekufa munhu ndimwari vasiyeyi baba mugabe

  27. I hope these things were already told in the bible.last days wonder shall flow

  28. Kod mukhale anzeru musapempha chakudya kuti anthu amene ali mudziko lamalawi asavutike bwanji caz mu dzikomo muli njala ya mwana wakana phala koma ine basi bzy ndi mugabe kod wakulakwilani chiyani ambuye akukhululuke iwe wamva cz chomwe ukuchita sukuchiziwa ayi

  29. To be a man of God it doesn’t mean that you must do miracles or wonders no.The true meaning of man of God is only in the heart of human beings and only God almighty knows which one is the best heart.
    The creator knows the best, those ghost which are supporting this people will speak on the judgment day and the truth shall be known. If we clean our hearts God almighty will love us forever. ASK THEM WHEN THEY GONNA DIE THEMSELVES? IF THEY CAN ANSWER YOU?

  30. I hate this Liabunyayo anadzilosera zotani..? Why always kufunira ena zoipa..nanunso a Mw24 mukuonjeza kupanga post zithu zopanda mchere..ndi chifukwa chake ena akumakutukanani…mukuganiza kuti ife timakondwera nazo nkhani zoterezi..akafa inu chikhudzeni nchiyani nanga mmene ali ndi moyomu inu mukuluzapo chiyani..zopusa basi..mxiiii?!$#

  31. Why concetrate on Mugabe only? Are there no other old people around. Jimmy Carter is 90+ and has cancer. Tell us when are our economic woes going to end. You have many people in your group. Tell them when they are going to die so they can truly repent.

  32. This prophet sees death. Remember he prophesied death of bingu. It came to pass. This time I don’t know. But somehow tb joshua also said let us pray for zimbabwe a few weeks ago without elaborating. Take it or leave it. The prophet has just delivered what he saw not his thoughts. There was a king called hezekiah who was told that you will die but he prayed and God changed his plans and added 15 more years. I pray that God save mugabe just as he did with hezekiah. Insulting man of God will not change anything. But prayer.

    1. So saying,’let us pray for Zimbabwe means the President will die and not that the country is suffering?”
      Zimbabwe would be better off without him so no, prayers r not to prolong his life.

    2. You knw what ? I believe in Visions but some of these Visions you just need to tell maybe the owner of the prophecy not the public. He cud go to him personally as Isaiah did. Isaiah just went to hezekiah not all the people. Some issues are sensitive. What will happen if mugabe live beyond the prophesised time like the way he did with Zambian elections that Lungu will not make it. Its better to remain quite tha contradicting pple

  33. Why not forsaw what transpired at your veranda(storm) in Mzimba?We all know fully well Mugabe is walking ailing,so let him alone for it’s only God who knows as He also foretell that in the end others shall possess powers to predict things in His name,once again don’t buy fame becoz of Big man (Mugabe) pls.

  34. Eeeshhh prohets again?kodi mulibe china chochita mumangoziwa za imfa baxi,pliz God cannot be happy with u,lotserani zina osati zoti mugabe atsamira mkono.

  35. Liabunya is a stupid prophet. Don’t play with death. No body know when he or she will die. I will be happy seeing Mugabe laying wreath on Liabunya’s funeral.

  36. You false prophets..dont decieve inorder 2 attract rich ppo to make ur pockets full..why ur prophesies r full of evil thngz? find another form of business not this one plz..dont infuriate God plz..r u there to save or to facilitate death?

  37. prophet wonyenga kufuna chuma ena akutumani osalosera imfa yako ngati uli munthu wamulungu ulosera imfa chifukwa chiani?nena zakubwera kwa mfumu ya mafumu kuti dziko limudziwe yesu.

  38. False prophet; just hunt your money stop talking nonsense because you are no my question to you is! Whe are you going to die what time and which date what’s will course your death tell the nation as well.ungolotela za Ena.

  39. there is nothing wrong.people predict and it sometimes happens.whether the predictions are satanic powered or from God.what i blame here is publicising such sensitive is none of his business.
    we should also bear in mind that according to christian belief,there is no other prophet after jesus.

  40. The hell z waitn 4 de prophets lyk ds 1. Y he z also cheatn while he z de man of God n does God cheat? Oh God heal de world!!

  41. Zomafuna utchuka pamaso pa Mulungu basi tiye nazoni mudzafa ifa yowawa

  42. Kulibe mulungu kumwamba kunena zoona, nanga anthu olengedwa ndimulungu naonso azichita zaboza pamaso pa mulungu? Mmmmmm we cross the line. And you mtola nkhani unaphunzila kuti school? Poti tsiku lililonse umalemba zaboza, umalemba chilichonse chopanda mutu. Uzalembanso ukazaona achona akamapanga zachiwelewele.

  43. Thus why I love most my church SEVENTH DAY ADVENTIST because we are not just taken for everything like even about these false prophets. What ever happens , we have already been taught from the bible.OWERENGAWE KHALA MASO.

    1. Inutu bodza limenelo check your history in 1844 the Adventist movement goofed about the coming of Christ. Sanabwere moti that was the beginning of Adventists. Ponena kuti adzabwelabe that 1844 was the date pamene anakalowa kuchipinda of mercy. Ask Elen White will tell you what happened. Sanakuwuzeni zimenezi kani Lero mchifukwa chake kwanuko sananenso zimenezo coz ananamapo kale.

    2. ‘IFE A SEVEN’ Proud 4 nothing. What u dont know doesnt exist to you not to us who know z truth. Be born again 4 ye to decern spiritual thing. Uzafa chifukwa cha chipembez mphwanga. Watch out yoo fake prophetess Ellen White.

  44. only almght god knws wen sum1 2 be born en de moment f death ma prophet akumadzi awa asatipusise


  46. Nkhani ili apa ndi yaboza leni leni. Munthu wa mulungu azikhuzana ndi zoti wakuti azamwalira tsiku lakuti lakuti. Mmalo mopembeza mulungu. Is that fare? Iwe ndi mulungu?

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