‘MCP followers chased me at a funeral’ – Jappie Mhango


Malawi’s Information Minister Jappie Mhango succumbed to shame on Tuesday when locals at a funeral in Junju, Rumphi got angered by his presence before chasing him away.

However, Mhango believes opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) was behind the heightened situation.

Jappie Mhango

Mhango: His car is seen at far at far distance.

The fuss began when ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) members, who spoke at a funeral for ex-legislator Tasokwa Msiska, said the party would win again in the next polls.

The speakers also took MCP to task for being on the neck of the current regime all time. Reports say Mhango who is legislator for the constituency (Rumphi North) was then asked by the family of the deceased to leave because they feared the situation would cause havoc at the funeral.

The family said it did not want any political fights to rock the ceremony as other political party followers protested against remarks made by the DPP members at the funeral.

Mhango told a local radio that the area is a stronghold of MCP and that the locals there do not tolerate political views from other parties.

This comes hot on the heels of continued verbal attacks between DPP and MCP whose leaders accuse each other of failure.



  1. Gawani pamtumbo pako pamodzi ndi nkhumba yako yopanda mano zoona mungamati kamuzu did nothing in 31 years koma umunthu muli nawo? toilet amanyelamo pitala ku state house kuja ndi chitukuko chandani?pamnyelo pako mitiyo idangokula mnzeru mulibe kuchikamwa kuipa ngati pankholo/pamtumbo

    • we look at the overall development that was done during kamuzu era osati zoti pakwathu sanapangepo chonchi aaah and zaonekeratu kuti wina akunama apa can’t compare kamuzu and these so called presidents palichani apangapo apart from squandering our resources ..

  2. kodi ndi khalidwe lawo eti kumalomonso ku tchisi ndi mzake kudotoni akanaumbuzdwanso pa maliro a gogo TA chilooko ok ndikhalidwe lawo eti analakwisa osawamenya

  3. Why are saying that MCP chased the minister yet he is the incumbent mp of that constituency? He was voted on DPP ticket by DPP supporters. What I can see in this issue is that something went wrong with this minister! He must learn to tell the truth.

  4. Ngatizirizo ona anthu kumenko atawona kuti sibwino kulankhula zandale pa malilo,Chofunka munthu mmodzi akanawanongoneza anduna kuti asalankhulezandale pamaliropo mwaulemu ngati mwanawawo koposa kuthamangisa mwanawawoyemwe.

  5. Guys things were nt like that japie jst moved out of the car before he started moving a man carrying a weapon started shouting while approachin the car then the body guard instructed him to enter the car and left bt in the process someone thru a stone that hit the car nt wat ur talkin becoz he dint even attend the funeral it is family issues nt politics coz i stay near the area

  6. Vyaziiiiiiiiiiiiii,kujivula mwekha mahala palije apa ,munthu ngwakwinu chakumuzikizgira nivi?Ndyale napa nyifwa ,phindu nivichi,mwajivulirachi wanganya mweeeeeee??????

    • i think u dnt hav wise future for yo self and pple @ Elliot … Infact how old are you making that comment very foolish to say

    • Thats why i said you guys won’t rule this country.Why? mphuma!! look up to now you do nt respect my freedom of expression!! How many parties from that side hav won seats? Lets call black thing black!!

  7. Kkkkk Woye Woye Yet u r being blindfolded by pipo who are outside govt just opposing anything even if the sun sets they oppose kut nzonama kkkkk ubwino wake mukuthamangitsana “nokhanokha” and u expect that combination to lead malawi i mean this new malawi what kind of president wodikira 2019 chonsecho mavuto tili nao in 2015 and “wise” pipo follow them in the name of “mpongozi” or “wa kwathu” yayayayayayayayayaya

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  9. ngat nkhani ndiyoti boma silikukonza miseu kumpoto the i must say MCP is brain-washing the pple of nyika coz 31yrs was a very long period 2construct gud roads even the whole of malawi then y pressurizing government to do it in a short period of tym,i disapprove of their senseless criticisms akungobwelesa mikangano kut anthu akummwera ndi atsankho baxi

  10. Apa pokha atumbuka mwakhwana if peace arguements fails try violence because this is the only language these dogs understand…..!! Good move…..

  11. Hon. the fact that you’re mp & minister doesnt mean we MCP supporters should be under panic as if we are not Malawians ok.You are not the first one to be a cabinet minister and that each and every nonsense you and your govt.make be attributed to MCP.How sure are you that those who chased you are MCP?Do you have evidence about this?I hear you started it all yourself.Does the road being mentioned at the funeral belong to MCP?Sorry you are indeed cruising dangerously and you provoked the situation

  12. Mumnyaaaaaa bibi anthu a mcp akumpotoooo,,,,,, inu zsilu kwambiri et????? Mukathamangise nduna,,, nde mwapindura chan??? Chakwera akumwa chi tiyi cha mkaka ku lilongwe inu mukhala akapolo chocho! Mbuzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  13. Northerners are intelligent people they think and act on their own while southerners act like Robots being controlled.

  14. Anthu aku mpoto ndi anzelu chifukwa saona ntundu pa ulamulilo koma chilungamo basi ndiye enanu mukhalila yomweyo yomati ndi wakwathu ku mmwela muzazindikila liti a MALAWI ??

  15. You see why jap is not up to point. He is the mp of that area,presumably liked by many, why would a minority chase him

  16. Ngat nduna akuithamangitsa kwao konko zikutanthuza kupusa kwa ndunayo ndi kusafunika kwake pamodzi ambuyake adamusankhawo kenako mbuyakeyo amuthamangitsaso ndi kumugulura mano ngati alipo manowo

  17. Kod agalu akumpoto inu tizingomva zainu?Chimenechi n’chifukwa chake dziko lino tinagwirizana kuti aliyense wakompoto asazapasidwe upresident wadziko lino,tizalolera kubwerelanso kuchisamunda osati kulamulidwa ndi zitsiru zakumpoto,muzithera pa uvice president pompaja.

  18. Hahaha,and mcp thinks it has support on the ground,oooh,how foolish the leadership is to perpetuate such insane behavior?set of runats 4m mcp indeed!

  19. Enanu munkaphunzira pa ngongole, kusonyeza kuti makolo anu amalephera kulipira school fees pompo pompo. Mukudandaula miseu ndi zina. Ngati alephera a chair mu ten years, zingatheke mu 8 months?

  20. Japie akukhala ngati mpoto sakuyidziwa bwanji, Sapembeza munthu ngakhale zipani,alibe thukoloko. Amayamikira munthu pokhapo akapanga bwino osati shit.Ndiye a Japie inu mwadutsa malire,amenewo malipiro anu

  21. If I were there I would love to burned his travelling car.kuti ayende wapansi from junju to phwezi kuti awone how bad the msewu is,if he thinks government considers about that area
    By chasing the ambassador of president definitely president is chased as well
    Good news @ #Lindiwe

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