Malawi Government receives US$30 Million from Japan


The Malawi  government has received   US$30.4 million (3.7 billion Yen) from the government of Japan for the expansion and rehabilitation of Kamuzu International Airport (KIA) in Lilongwe,officials say.

Kamuzu International Airport
KIA: Up for rehabilitation.

Japanese envoy Shuichiro Nishioka disclosed that his government has decided to support the rehabilitation of the airport after noticing the dilapidation of some buildings.

“The buildings at KIA need major rehabilitation and maintenance in order for the airport to be a safe landing place,” Nishioka told reporter at the signing ceremony last week in Lilongwe.

He added that the airport also needed to install new equipment such as the airport surveillance system.

Minister of Transport and Public Works Francis Kasaila said the project would help KIA accommodate more planes once completed.

“At the end of the project, Malawi will be a safe landing place where people will be getting on and off their flights confidently,” he said.

The project is expected to start in 2016 and be completed in 2018.



  1. Oooo zadyekanso ndalama zja kalanga ine! Nchofukwa chake limapezeka kuti dziko ndilosaukistsa koma anthu ake akukhala namba1 kapena 2 kulemela kuposa aliense africa yonse,m’mene kulili ku south africa dziko lotukuka kwambili kma anthu akumalawi kmaposa anthu aku south africa zindalama esh dis is 2much,i wish God should embarrass these pipo bublic and they should die at the same spot they touch those money coz citizens are dying wth hunger bt u are misusing money wth fucken progrms! Esh ihate ye guyz u r mo than evil coz this is killing u r doin! Fire to all who r involved on this money theft!

  2. Abale please chonde. Ma politicians, use this money wisely and correctly for the intended use.ukaba izi, ma donners which we heavily rely on will stop giving us money. They wont do this forever

  3. Even malawi borders are like dumping site,especially mwanza border is very old and agry.Governiment MUST rebuild these two borders mwanza and Dedza coz they are so embarrassing.

  4. ifeo ndegezo sitidakwelepo.mesaso omkati kumalawi kulije ndege.kapena air potio ndigezake zizichokela ku japaniko?ife timadziwatu monorurama,chiwale,b.t expes,intercape&MD.mesa kuchipatala mwati makhala ndi chakudya kulije.chipongwetu mulupangachi.Dikilani j.banda alubwela adzanyamuleso.ojalu.

  5. How I wish this package of money were coming from our own native-malawi pockets….. Kumango khalira ma hand outs baxi sidhilu……………..rise n shine #Malawi :p

  6. If I was the President I would have diverted that donation to the ministry of Agriculture and food security.
    Buying maize and sell it to the poor starving Malawians at an affordable prices.
    Rather than to rush it into Stadium Construction even when our National Team is going nowhere with football.
    Koma poti ndine munthu wamba aaa basi bagawananii mudzazitse ku ma Bank account anu akunjawoo…

    1. Point off order sir! Akuti zopangila rehabilitation Lilingwe internation airport not stadiun as wat have said in views but u are collect bro ndakufila

    2. But. They were given the money for the airport. So using it for.something else isnt right. And, the airport might be a giid investment in the long term

    3. Its not a matter of being unfortunate!
      It’s a matter of time.
      Those who are first will become the last.
      And those in the last will bcome the first.
      How many Malawians fly ??

  7. Eeeiiiish Japan mukadayamba mwafunsa, zimenezo mwabesatu. Mukanapanga za ma China, kumanga inu nokha. Mai ine:D dziko lake ili.

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