Mulhakho wa Alhomwe event finally here

Mulhakho wa Alhomwe

Malawi’s annual celebrations for the tribal grouping Mulhakho wa Alhomwe is on today at Chonde ground in Mulanje.

Mulhakho wa Alhomwe
Mulhakho wa Alhomwe takes place this weekend.

The group which was formed by Malawi’s former head of state late Bingu wa Mutharika, is set to unite all the Llomwes across the country and beyond.

According to one of the organizers Kondwani Chamwala, all is set for the annual gathering.

“The event is set to take place today at Chonde ground in Mulanje where by we have invited other tribes in order to foster unity. We are calling for all Malawians to join us in the celebrations,” he said.

The event was shifted from 25 October to this month following the death of their Board Chair Bright Mangulama.

The current head of state, who is also a Lhomwe by tribe, will be the guest of honor. The grouping was formed to promote and bring together all the Lhomwes across the country.

47 thoughts on “Mulhakho wa Alhomwe event finally here

  1. Mulhako wa alhomwe siwa dpp ayi….dpp ndiina, mulhakoso ndizina zimenezo osasakaniza zithuz

  2. I don’t doubt Mr President has plans over abolishing this so-called Mulhakho wa Alhomwe.According to Public Service Reform Programme,he has surely planned to change Mulhakho wa Alhomwe to Mulhakho wa Amalawi inorder to use,on this celebration,money from public funds.He might also have charged an entrance fee to this celebration.As it was hearsied this year that everyone had to pay K1000 then it was halved after some people complained.Finally it was dropped to zero.Guys,we are blessed to have this president because he is sagacious.Inasmuch he has too much knowledge,he rules this country like a driver who drives while very drunk.When someone has stupendous knowledge,he becomes drunk with knowledge.Just take a look at how this president is ruling.For those who have good education maybe comprehend him but a poor nonreligious flippant ignorant village-dwelling ragamuffin like me cannot understand Public Service Reforms our president is implementing.Kodi n’chifukwa chanji ana a Mutharika amayankha makani anthu akawadzudzula?
    Soon we have beefed him over money spent on his delegation and himself a massive number we all Malawians were taken aback with but he answered with anger and threat.What kind of president is this?
    Last year during general election I was for him but status quo I’m against him.I thought he would lead this country like his late brother’s first term.Indeed Wokongola Sanyada.If I was requested to write a book entitled in vernacular MAONEKEDWE APUTSITSA,I would intentionally mistake Appearance Speaks Louder Than Words for Action Speaks Louder Than Words.The more the ugly a person is the more ruthless the person becomes.I’ve noted this on our handsome president.

  3. This is the only tribe that l hate most,,they are selfish,,they feel themselves superior coz is the tribe that has ruled malaw for a long tym,,and l guess if the current gov is practising cashgate,definately half of the money is going direct to this my left sided tribe,,fotsek!!!

    1. Chewas are the guys that have ruled Malawi for long time my friend. Dont mislead us with your feeble brain. Furthermore, DPP (party) and “Mulhakho” are two different things. Dont try to combine them coz they wont mix.

  4. Mwambo wongofuna kutotesana ndi kuchindana basi.Vuwa Kaunda watotelatu pano.Mwezi watha wonseu wakhalira kudya gondolosi kuchalira mlakho wa zitsiru za alomwe.

  5. Amene akudana ndi alhomwe alowe mjumbo aphulike, on top of that, kiss my asshole.

  6. Izi sizachilendo ayi olo mupite ku (SA) kwao kwa zuma mukuziwa kale muzawapezelele akuchita muzaseka mazipi molimbika kkkkkkk inu wozani mumbuke muzobona kt ya mvele mina nakuyazi

  7. Kodi vuto lanu ndi chiyani? Ife tisasangalale pamene yafika nthawi ya Mulhako wa Alomwe? Chifukwa chiyani chilichonse mumaikamo ndale? Tisiyeni ife tisangalale ndi nthawi yathu yemwe chikumuwawa akakolope nyanja komanso akamusinthe mwene wamamwene Ngolongoliwa pa udindo wawo. Hankoni nihuldere elhomwe kwa chonde owonko,alhomwe alhomwe nhoopsya!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Connecting everything with politics will take us nowhere,,, the presence of the State President does not give you an opportunity to politicise the whole event.. Let us practice mature politics with mature mind… Dzuka Malawi Dzuka!

  9. Nthawi ya mwambo wathu wachilomwe.wina apa akut ndalamazo akanagulira mankhwala,ndani amene akudwala?naweso ikafika nthawi yako ilemekeze.

  10. Mmalo moti ndalamazo agulire mankhwala mzipatala anthu asafe akulimbikitsa kuti atsikana adzivula.kulimbikitsa za chiwerewere basi.

  11. This is promoting sexul moraritys…isent there Boys among u lomwes to disply them hea,ur stripin Galz hea in the name of Culture,why cant u promote Christianity?

  12. Ur busy promoting this culture instead of solving our prblms,iknow this ecourages Racial segregation,usee hw our FELLOW YOUTH’s are starving in Boarders searching 4green pastures,when do #malawi will be better place..?

    1. #peter,{racial segregation} means kusankhana Mitundu,monga Alhomwe,Ayao n’Atumbuka aliyense kumapanga zake pa tundu’thats wy ive said it promotes racial segregation”hp its clear nw

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