Nkhatabay man to spend 14 years in prison for raping a 15 year old girl


A Magistrate court in Malawi’s Nkhatabay district on Saturday sentenced a 23 year old man to 14 years imprisonment with hard labour for allegedly raping a 15 year old girl.

Confirming the development, Nkhata Bay police spokesperson, Sargeant Ignacio Esau, said the convict is Gift Ernest Dzimbiri of Luhanga village in the area of Traditional Authority Mabuka in Mulanje district.

According to the Esau, Dzimbiri locked the victim by force in his house from 18 to 27 October this year.

sexual-assault-symbolHe said the girl went missing during the said days, her relatives launched a search and later it was revealed that the girl was being forcibly kept by the convict in his house.

The matter was later reported to Nkhata Bay police who instantly rushed to the house where they found the girl.

The girl told the police that the days she had stayed in the house of Dzimbiri, she was raped on a daily basis. Upon thorough examination at Mzenga hospital, it was confirmed that the girl had been indeed been raped.

Esau said upon being questioned if what the girl told the police was true, the convict was quick to confess and said he had really done it.

Meting the punishment on Dzimbiri, the court said that the sentence should serve as a lesson to other men who have a tendency of raping young girls.




  1. Musamangoti Rape,Rape apa Bwanji Osanena Zatanaposi Kkkkkk Ngati Sananvane mitengo Ndie Aziti Wagwililidwa zabonza basi,,,,15yrs ndindiwo masiku ano ndipo sanatuluke magazi zinangofikira kulowa uisova

  2. That is defilement case not rape case. With concent or no concent any girl under 17 the case becomes defilement case but any girlwoman above 18 without concent is a rape case.

  3. koma magistrate waku nkhata bay ndizilango abale…amangogawa ma 14yrs if its rape osati chibwana…!! Komanso naye mdalayo mpaka mwana wa 15yrs, amvamo chani sono….!!! Akanampatsa 20yrs

  4. hw do yu define rape?hw cn sm1 be raped for 9 consecultive days?call it defilement i will andastand bt nt rape