In the cooler for selling hospital property


Malawi Police in Phalombe district are keeping in custody 33 year old Edson Nkhonjera and 38 year old Edward Buleya for selling hospital solar panels.

National police publicist Rhoda Manjolo confirmed the arrest.

ArrestedShe said Nkhonjera and Buleya work at Gogo Nazombe health centre and they sold solar panels belonging to the health centre to John Selemani.

“Members of the health centre and community policing later caught Selemani with the gadgets in sacks,” she said.

Manjolo said after pinning Selemani down he confessed that he bought the panels from the suspects. The matter was further reported to the district health officer and later the suspects were nabbed.

The suspects will appear before court to answer charges of theft by public servant.

Nkhonjera hails from Enkhughani village traditional authority Mtwalo in Mzimba district while Buleya hails from Mdoda village traditional authority Mkhumba in Phalombe.



  1. amenewo ndiye kuwaonerera kuti aba? kodi solar panel ndi ndalama zingati? nanga anthu a cashgate muwapanga chani? a police aku phalombe mitu zanu, kusaphunzira kumene kukupangitsaniko.

  2. …shortage of food 4patients in hospitals..they want 2sell it so to buy patients meal?…kkk..atsala mabedi,mawindo..agulitsidwanxo amenewa,nanga patient afe ndi njala.?..iiih..mankhwalanxo paja problematic eishhh…asungeni bax,more over prison is as better as hospitals of nowadyz…one or no meal for patients per dy…kaya!

  3. If the evidence is strong enough lets themselves face prosecution.Nothing concerns APM here.Does the imfor here further expand of the accesory after the fact to this felony?Abeting?whatever?to APM?Think big pls!

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