Teenager hangs himself to escape police case in Mzuzu


Mavuto Nyasulu, 18, has hanged himself in Malawi’s Mchengautuba township, Mzuzu city due to what some believe is fear to be prosecuted on several criminal acts he committed.

Friends of the deceased told Malawi24 that before committing suicide by hanging, Nyasulu took poison but relatives rushed with him to the hospital where he was treated.

It is believed that after he was discharged some people threatened him that police officers still want him to answer various charges including robbery.

Death hanging“Police knew that he attempted to commit suicide and some threatened him that this was another case the police were hunting him,” said Humphrey Zgambo, a friend to Nyasulu.

He went on to claim that upon learning this, Nyasulu left his friends and went to hang himself a stone throw away from his parent’s house.

Mzuzu Police publicist Subinspector Patrick Saulosi has since confirmed the tragedy. “We are aware of that and I would confirm that the guy indeed hanged himself,” said Saulosi.

He however demanded some time to confirm whether the deceased had some cases to answer.

Nyasulu hailed from Zulu village traditional authority Kampingo Sibande in Mzimba district.



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