Malawians debate on Vagabond laws

Dingiswayo Madise
Dingiswayo Madise
Madise: Says a review is the best.

Dust refuses to settle on Vagabond laws as last Friday intellectuals and other stakeholders conducted a debate on the same held at the Mzuzu University hall.

Participants varied views on the subject as some insisted the laws contradict with some human rights regulations while the others thought the laws aid in strengthening public security.

Adding judicial views on the issue, Mzuzu high court Judge Justice Dingiswayo Madise suggested a review on such laws citing they veto the implementation of the same.

He assumed that as the laws stand presently, Police find it problematic to implement them thus the review can help to fade out such a challenge.

“They must be reviewed to give room for our Police to fully implement the same. As it is now its a challenge,” assumed Madise.

The debate was facilitated by Centre for human rights education advice and assistance (CHREAA).

8 thoughts on “Malawians debate on Vagabond laws

  1. I don’t understand this law,somehow it needs amendment its high time only poor people are being victimized by police in the name of vagabond.What about those driving during late hour? as far as security is concern some are more dangerous compared to those being arrested at drinking points,who are being hammered to pay more for them to be released or face the sentence.Some are innocent trust me…

  2. True Alfred the targets us the poor, how come they don’t arrest those who drives during night, they only arrest those who walk through the night.

  3. Inali debate yabwino kwabasi. Apolisi amaonjeza kwambili ukagwidwa vakabu

  4. vakabu ithe kumene, apolice amangonyenga mahule ulele kuti asiye zomwe zili nkhanza

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