Malawi police nabs murder suspect in Nkhatabay


Police in district of Nkhatabay district have arrested 28 year old James Banda on suspicions that he killed Mr. Masis Longwe, 49 after a misunderstanding.

Police publicist for the district Ignatius Esau says the suspect lost his money and after searching proved futile, he realised that the deceased was the one who stole his cash.

When he asked for his money back, the deceased expressed ignorance on the whole matter.

Consequently the two engaged in a fight which saw the suspect being overpowered.

arrestedThe suspect then went home and took a pestle which he used to hit Longwe severely such that he sustained internal bleeding.

Villagers took him to Chintheche health center where he died while receiving treatment. Postmortem results at the health center proved the man died due to internal bleeding.

Gloria Banda a nephew to the deceased reported the matter to police who arrested the suspect while he was trying to escape through Nkhunga area.

He is expected to appear in court soon to answer murder charges.

Both the suspect and the victim hail from Viwanga village traditional authority Fukamapiri in Nkhatabay.



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