Murder cases on the increase – police


Malawi Police Service (MPS) have condemned the recent increase in number of murder cases in the country.

In a press statement made available to Malawi24, national police publicist, Rhoda Manjoro said the rapid increase of these murder cases is a result of misunderstandings.

She said marital problems, personal differences, and mob justice are the major reasons for the increase in murder cases in the country.

Murder on the rise in Malawi.

“For instance, on 21 October, 2015 alone, seven murder cases have been reported, two in the southern region, two in the north and the other three in the central region,” said Manjoro in the press statement.

Meanwhile, the Malawi Police Service is warning all people in the country not to take laws into their hands saying third parties such as the police, churches, victim support unit and traditional leaders are there to help them.

The law enforcers say people should also refuse to be involved in fights or any other kind of violence when at loggerheads with each other.



  1. Why are the Police blamed for the high rate of crime? For me the family values are going down, no God in many families and the children grow up like the sheep without the shepherd, the morality is dying and many children learn from the street and not from home and they become an easy target to and crime. Teenage pregnancy is rising. They have a child yes but they are not mothers because many have no proper responsibility towards their children. Many irresponsible parents and immature mothers are the contributing factor to crime. Bring back God into your family

  2. Chitetezo chikavuta its a result of kulephera kwa boma kuyendetsa dziko. Tiyeni tivomereze tiwasiire ena ayendetseko dzikoli

  3. sory. malawians are fond of doing things just please themselves without thinking how painful it wil be to the one you deal. i do questio my self why such things happen in e regime of chilunga chitukuko and *CHITETEZO*. is there chitetezo? what are you trying to say when you say chitetezo….may i understand in wrong way…..

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