Sangie disowns Jamaica project


Malawi’s reggae bird Sangie has dismissed rumours inking her to a music project in the Caribbean nation of Jamaica.

A few weeks ago a local television station reported that the artist is gearing up for recording in Jamaica. The report however carried less weight in a way that it was also presented as a rumour.

Malawi24 took the liberty of finding out from the ‘I do it all for love’ star but she did  not confirm the deal.

Sangie non committal on Jamaican deal.

“I don’t know anything about that, I will tell you when it is time,” said Sangie.

The Blantyre based artist has conquered the local music scene by storm with her beautiful reggae dancehall vibes.

She has performed at major stages like the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) Summit which was held in South Africa in August.

Previously, Sangie was also reported to perform in Jamaica alongside a Jamaican artist but nothing has come out of the rumours.

The television station made it clear that she is going to record with Jamaican producers and it will be sooner than later.




  1. Kip it up osana mayi mumatha bola osaiwala kumudzi

  2. There is no woman in the whole country who can sing reggae like she does en she diserves to go else where for the best production ngati alipo wina mkazi aimikenxo manja mwamba

  3. Pple bear In Mind That She Is An Up Coming Young Raggae Female Artist and We Hv Less Raggea Diva’s, She Deserve To Be Encouraged

  4. Don’t rush & feel good to sing there zabwino sachita kukakamiza just be cool don’t import demons from there if they need they can come & record kwa DJ slay and Janta here in MW there are not most important than us.

  5. Mwanayu amatha kunena chilungamo….it won’t be a surprise to see her performing with Jamaican artists.

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  7. Anthu ena ndinu makape apa akukamba za Sangie osat za bullets mukulimbana ndkucikweza manyaz bwa? Sangie amatha makamaka ndangozzdwa ine palibenso

  8. Osanama amatha mkaziyu maka nyimbo ija amati mr bizzy koma iyeyo mwina sanakambepo nkhani ya ku jamaicayo koma anthu mwina anangozinenera amalawi tichepetse mabodza

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    1. Sangie sanafike potha kuimba wangoyamba, that’s the fact follow Jamaica for reggae osati chicken reggae mix tchopa zili m’ Malawi muno angolimbikira mwina koma Ku Malawi kulibe reggae yeniyeni. Take it or leave it.

  10. Koma guyz a tolankhan akumalawi kumangotchukitsa nkhan zot zlibe ma umboni shame on dem guyz

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