Activists tear Peter Mutharika apart

Peter Mutharika
Peter Mutharika
Mutharika: Drilled.

As the dust surrounding Malawi President Peter Mutharika on hisUnited Nations (UN) trip refuses to settle, Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR) Executive Director Timothy Mtambo has torched Mutharika’s volatility down with sober fire.

The Malawi president attracted controversy during his trip to the United Nation General Assembly (UNGA) that took place in New York – USA by taking with him a huge number of delegates, beating almost any represented state at the world summit.

The general public also accuses President Mutharika of chartering a Jet, a move which has been described as expensive and an unnecessary drainage of the government coffers.

Adding salt to the injury, President Mutharika spit fire during a press conference at Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe last Thursday.

Reacting to the accusations leveled against him and his administration, Mutharika banged tables while spitting unguarded volatile statements against his critics.

He attacked the opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP), the press, and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs).

In a reverse jab, one of the country’s active CSOs, the CHRR, has responded to Mutharika’s outbursts in a manner that has dismissed the president’s intended threats.

Mtambo has described the President’s recent loss of emotions as “un-presidential and worrisome”.

Mtambo faulted Mutharika for being “too emotional and hostile” describing his outbursts and table banging as a flagship of an emerging autocrat.

“The president lacked decorum in his unguarded emotions as well as insensitive and irregular remarks towards his critics. The sole purpose of his flare was to threaten his critics to stop holding him to account. This is a flagship of an emerging autocrat and it is very worrisome after the country has long-achieved democracy.

“The public is interested to know why, amidst the country’s prevailing economic doldrums, the president took a costly volume of delegation to the Assembly,” Mtambo said.


Mtambo: Drilled the Malawi leader with other activists.

According to Mtambo, the general public is dazed and bemused as to what is the president’s stand on the country’s economic mess. Instead of practicing austerity, he is poking fun at the public coffers.

“A lot of taxpayers’ money was spent in paying allowances, transport and upkeep costs for the bloated entourage not to mention of the Jet chartering. This is a gesture that has sent a wave of shock and worry across the public,” Mtambo said.

In his response to why his administration chartered a Jet and the size of his entourage to the summit, Mutharika said he was surprised that the MCP are complaining now about him chartering a Jet and taking what he quantified to be 106 delegates while Kamuzu was also doing the same things.

“Kamuzu was also chartering planes and taking hangers on abroad. Why are you complaining now?” Mutharika said during the presser.

On his take, the CHRR boss said Mutharika was being irregular to justify his lavishness and poor conduct by premising on what Kamuzu did.

“If Kamuzu did that, President Mutharika should remember that Malawians got tired of him and he was eventually dropped on our way into the current multiparty zone. Otherwise, President Mutharika is, in this case, displaying arrogance and poor judgment thereby automatically betraying his capacity as a viable leader of an impoverished people.”

“Failure of president Mutharika to understand this concern entails that he can’t afford simple logic therefore rendering his reasoning and himself unfit for the presidency,” said Mtambo.

The CHRR also faulted  Mutharika on his remarks towards the plight of civil servants in the country. The President unknowingly contradicted his party’s manifesto which highlights the welfare of Civil Servants as its focus area.

He bluntly told them that there will be no salary increment for them saying Malawi is broke and they should consider leaving the civil service for the private sector if their goal is to become rich.

Responding to these remarks, Mtambo said what the civil service demand from government is only for basic survival. He said it is an insult of highest order for the President to insinuate that the civil servants’ demands are out of order.

“The civil servants never ask the government to increase their pays so that they can accumulate more. They do it when the cost of living goes up. The government must kindly realize this.

“While the President and his executive team are ever-comfortable whatever economic situation in the country due to their huge benefits and salaries, the junior civil servants bears the blunt. Look at the living conditions of the police, nurses and teachers. The President needs to withdraw such remarks and apologise to the nation,” said Mtambo.



  1. Aliyese amene waika comment against the president
    pamtumbo pake.

  2. Ndazimvera Mbuzi za anthuzo(Ntambo & Trappez)dzulo zikubwebwetuka pa Star FM,mwamatama muja,zikuzifira kwambiri.Zaiwala kuti nayenso APM ali ndi ma”die hards”ake.I can foresee more deaths worse than that of July20.Lero ndi awa akutuma mbuzi zinzawo kumayasa misika,ati kukhaulitsa APM.Who is going to be more affected?

  3. Wat i alwyz knw is that, aman cant be on 100% to everybody.we complain wen de rains is scarce & wen t comes we talk more (timachulukisa zolirira mvura ikagwa)

  4. How many pipo voted for him & how many pipo are in chrr’s? If chrr’s have large in numbers, APM is ready to step down,but if not., chrr members shud form their party to compete with muntharika in 2019. Between january & february Malawi experience heavy rain fall, what actually did they do? They fail to buy a packet of sugar even a tablet of soap to give to pipo affected with floods. This time they said APM shud step down,Who are They.? If chrr force issues of cash gate,i will support you,coz donors went away coz of this silly act, not APM. He was chosen by pipo of Malawi & its pipo of Malawi who have powers to Remove him through vote in 2019, NOT NGO’s. Thus water under the bridge…!!

  5. Opposition is using dem 2talk shit kodi maufulowo mukumenyera nda?ife sitinakutumeni kuti mudzitiyankhulira,we know opposition is itching 2rule but dey hve wait until 2019 mukutibowa zedi,majority inamuvotera &minority lost so shut the hell up,we only gonna judge him(APM)after fyv yrs through ballot do u understand ?

  6. ngati mukuona kuti ndinu madolo tizaona ngati muzagwetse dpp. osangolalata pa 24 apa iyaaaaaa!!!!!!!

  7. Msiyeni Chakwera aziwuwa. Galu akakhala kuti mphepo yamkhaulitsa panja nthawi ya usiku amawuwa popanda kanthu ndi cholinga chonena kuti nanuso mutuluke mnyumba kuti ikunyetsereni pamodzi mphepo.Haaa nde kubetsatu.

  8. If they r brav enough wy cant dey come forwad and make it not just forc some1 to use his head, mwatani kodi ? Inu ndi anthu olephera and i dont even know ur duty but al de tym critisize things nonses with ur personal rights.

  9. You mw24!u’re vry destructive.Its hard to believe you here.Lets mtambo and his groups have their own page here so that we may hear themselves with their articles instead of kuti muzingowatukanitsa apa.

  10. Time will come when Malawians will decide to vote for him or against him.Lets not let our emotions control us.we can all develop this country by comming up with constructive criticisim.

  11. Amabungwe azaufulu ndinu zisiru mmalimbana ndi mtsogoleli kma zokuba ndalama simuzisata inuxo ndiokuba, anthu osokoneza inu,anthu oipa ogolemeletsa mimba zanu musamatipweteketse mitu mumusiye Apm…wait 4 2019 ngati inuyo mungakwanitse kulamulira dziko

  12. nsanje ya otsutsa akungotumidwa kuti amusokoneze apm koma sakwanitsa..ngati akufuna u president auzeni azangoimira 2019 ino

  13. Btwn mtambo and Peter who z sleeping,i think he don’t know whats the gvt z up to,he z only speeking to be seen by pple that he always criticise gvt.its always difficult to teach old dogs new technics,he z a well educated man who need to critically look at a thing b4 he say anything,ine mbuli ngati ndikuvomeleza?anthu olemela awa okakanganilana ndi osaukafe kuchipatala chaulele mankhwala.

  14. When pipo sheet,they should take into consideration that APM is also a human being who has emotions. We can,t develop this country by wasting our time arguing on matters absorbed with jealousy.

  15. Atati mawu omwewo anzanu akuyankheni ,timva dictator,mademo,resign ,kodi ufulu oyankhula zakukhosi mdziko muno anapatsa nokha amabungwe?

  16. Without donor support Malawi is starting from zero, however constructive criticism with alternative ideas are necessary not just emotional statement. Palibe mtsogoleri angasinthe dzikoli ngati eni akefe sitisintha kaganizidwe ndi kapangidwe ka zinthu.


  18. Atumbuka inu musatinyasepo apa ngati mwakhuta mowa kabibeni. Anzanu ozindikira kwambiri adapita mayiko akunja kumakakhala ndi azungu nde inu ngati muli ozindikira osatuluka bwanji? daily pa internet tizingomva Mkandawire, Chirwa, Kumwenda, Phiri, Gondwe…inuyo kutchuka? mukhale ophunzira bwanji mumatani kukhala presdent? mapanti osachapawo…mxiiiiiiew!

  19. Silly!I Don’t See Somebody Sleeping Here.CHRR Has Existed For Quiet A Long Time But They Haven’t Changed Anything.All They’ve Achieved Is Making Themselves Rich And Go.These Idiots Makes Noise Even When Things Are Getting Right.

  20. Its not the civil society that voted for president but ifeyo amalawi kuno kumudzi .ndipo ifeyo ovotafe we didn’t ask them kuti akatinenele zimenezo .tikuvomeleza inde dziko likukumana ndi ma challenge but solution is kutula pansi udindo kwa apresident

  21. very excellent mr mtambo…
    peter has no wisdom for administration, only theory and knowledge flows in his jackassed head, he is qualified for being a teacher, and not for mathematics but history, just dictating

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