Man drowns in Lake Malawi


A 32 year old man has died after drowning in Lake Malawi in Nkhatabay on Sunday, police in the district have confirmed.

DrowningPolice publicist for the district Ignatius Esau has told Malawi24 that the deceased, Richard Lungu was a piece worker at Nkhatabay boma.

“He went to a place known as Jetty to perform the task of loading goods in omoni boat which was heading to Likoma,” said Esau

According to Esau, despite being warned by friends of the Mwera winds which characterised the water body on the day, Lungu insisted on carrying out his duties.

“Suddenly the canoe he was in capsized forcing him to drown.”

“Efforts by divers from aqua Africa to rescue him proved late to save his life. However they managed to recover his dead body from the lake and went to Nkhatabay district hospital where he was pronounced dead. Post-mortem results showed that he died due to suffocation,” said Esau.

Meanwhile police continue to warn people to tread more carefully in the lake to avoid such tragedies.

The deceased hailed from traditional authority Katumbi in Rumphi.



  1. Ihope it’s one of these business men from outside Nkhatabay who are fond of buying fish within the interior of the lake and yet they don’t know how to swim.

  2. ndaseka ambiri akupanga like postiyi but why zakutsangalatsani kuti munthu wamira guyz be serious nayenso wojambulayo amachedwa ndikujambula mmalo mmompulumutsa?

  3. koma nthawi yomwe mmamjambulayo ..bwanji osamupulumusa a gwape inu…….mmafuna mmjambule atamaluzika??? dats not good…MAY HE RIP.

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