11 people missing after canoe capsizes on Shire River


canoeEleven Malawians are feared dead after their canoe capsized Monday morning on the Shire River in Nsanje district.

According to reports reaching Malawi24, the canoe capsized after the sailor failed to control the canoe and it lost balance and capsized.

Assistant Commissioner Kirby Kaonga who was one of the police officers at the scene of the accident said there were 15 people onboard and four survived the accident.

He said the people were heading to Mozambique where they own farms and on this day they wanted to cultivate their farms ahead of the growing season.

Police in Nsanje have since launched a search looking for both the missing people and the canoe.

37 thoughts on “11 people missing after canoe capsizes on Shire River

  1. Really sad news, may the Almighty console the bereaved families

  2. it is not good to rejoice when other pple have lost their beloved ones. death is part of us next time it will be you turn. be mindful of what you say

  3. it is not good to rejoice when other pple have lost their beloved ones

  4. Very sad story, mr dida bwanali u must go back to school becoz u don’t understand what story iz telling us. God help u but the toungue has power of life and death ameen

  5. Some how zaka zina i proved kuti myezi yotenthai ngozi zoterezi zimachitika starting phoker-nsanje boma mutsinjeu(during this period more pple flocking to harvest their yeilds at once fearing of floods and then canoes are overloaded which makes it not stable when it droved. and some dangerours animal found every where this also take part for cozing incidents like mising of capsized canoe)but sory its much more o,oo!!!ooo!!!!!

  6. If Malawi Was America the same time pamene Iccident inachitika kukanabwera ndege and rescue crew kuwapulumusa kma pot mku Malawi eeeish Nothing happens Umphawi nd Imfa Rip nonse

  7. Load, We keep all people involved in this accident in your hands, make anything possible so that this people should found alive.

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