Policy Analysts grab Malawi government by the neck

Rafiq Hajat

Policy analysts in Malawi have demanded explanations from government following contradictions on statements made by the State House, Ministry of Information, and United States Embassy to Malawi on delegates to the recent United Nations (UN) meeting.

According to statement from the State House, Mutharika had six delegates, while a statement from the Ministry of Information said the Malawi leader had eighteen delegates, and the American Embassy confirmed that they issued over one hundred Visas to delegates attending the UN meetings.

Rafiq Hajat
Hajat: Talks tough on Govt. spending.

In reaction, one of the policy analysts Rafiq Hajat said government should be clear on how many delegates attended the UN meeting.

“The contraindications are questionable and this reflects some games that the current government is trying to play to Malawians, because the source of funds to that trip was from our tax, Hajat said.

“What is needed now is a clear explanation on how many delegates attended the meeting and we should also compare with other countries on the number of their delegates to the UN,” he added.

Hajat further faults the government for mis-prioritizing, arguing that the government should have considered the serious challenges that have rocked country.

“Millions of Malawians are expected to be affected by hunger this year. Why does government spent huge sums of money like that instead of buying maize for its citizens?” wondered Hajat.

Meanwhile the government has not yet revealed the amount of taxpayers money that has been spent on the trip.

24 thoughts on “Policy Analysts grab Malawi government by the neck

  1. Zomvetsa chisoni kwambiri kuti iwe amene walemba nkhaniyi sukudziwa chomwe unkafuna kulemba.
    Up to now you don’t know when you go abroad you acquire a visa from the embassy of that particular country, whether vvip, school, trainings etc ie Egypt.
    If you’re such a blind person, how to you lead the others. An informer must have correct information if people are to trust you.

    Mwapanga apazi ndiye za ZBS zenizeni, kulengeza nkhani that is not fully investigated.

    Journalism ya ku Malawi.

  2. koma abwana kwanilitsa malonjezo omwe munatilonjeza aja osati mene mukuchitazi malo mokhala ndimoyo timwalile chifukwa chanjala chikhalileni misonkho mukutidula penanso mukuti boma ilibe ndalama chikhalile ndalama zomwe ndizambiri malo mogula mankhwala ndi chakudya

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