New mobile network operator awarded licence


The Malawi Communication Regulatory Authority (MACRA) is expected to start implementing the use of CIRMS machine in the next 3 month to ensure proper monitoring and controlling consumer violation by service providers I the country.

Mobile services providers in Malawi has since been not monitored, a development that has lead consumers to suffer from high tariffs.

The development was revealed by MACRA’s Director General Geofrey Itaye during the awarding of license to Mobile provider Lacell public Tele Communication Company.

Itaye was optimistic that telecommunication investment is essential not only for economic growth but also for improvement of communication sector. He beamed the new company company to work towards improving communication systems in the country.

New mobile service provider in Malawi. (Google images)

Said Itaye?, “MACRA is convinced that Lacell will be able to deliver and make a significant contribution to the economy. There are Malawians who do not even access mobile signal in their areas and have to walk for miles just to communicate with relations.”

While in his remarks, MACRA board chairperson, Alissa Makawa said telecommunication is a fundamental tool for you improving the livelihood of many people.

He added that the new Mobile provider Lacell public will bring down the high phone tariffs and poor quality of service in the country by bringing the much needed competition on the market.

He explained, ” “The ability to access and share information and stimulate the creation of new idea is viewed as essential for maintaining a strong economy and enhancing quality of life in areas of health, education, agriculture, banking and government hence the importance in licensing new players in the communication is strictly prohibited.”

Lacell board chair, Faruk Satar promised to create a winning situation for all players in the communication sector which includes consumers, fellow operators and the nation at large.

Lacell public telecommunication company is local entity which had shown commitment to join the telecommunication sector by paying the full 10 year license fees amounting to 600 Milliom Kwacha. Satar said currently, technical and finance teams are concluding some foundation projects in readiness for the roll out come mid 2016.



  1. if it is really for information interchange and quality service provission improvement and not for the 600 million mk per annum, then applause to MACRA,

  2. ilikut imeneyo tikuifuna mwina kupata sure sixinaxi ikangokwana six koloko maxulo netwolk kupengelatu ixiyamba chama to ten usiku,ikakhala internet ndiye ndi mbola.

  3. Amalawi tiziwa makampani awiri AIRTELL NDI TNM koma alipo atatu ndi Acces ndiye kampaniyi ili siliyasi kubweresa kusintha kwabwino? Ndikukaika.

  4. Chonde… Osati-tizichita kukaima pa Chulu, tatopanazo….izi.

  5. Ndilibe nazo ntchito zimenezo mesa eni ake ndima cashgate a DPP

  6. Big fishes are behind the company but scared to show their ownership because of fearing cashgate involvement. But one day it will be disclosed.

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