Exclusive: DPP holds meeting to strategise against demonstrations

July 20 Malawi protests

…MPs urged to start persuading students not to join

…team set up to track organisers

The ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) which is renowned for its mafia tactics in dealing with opposition has started its meetings in the dark again, Malawi24 can reveal.

July 20 Malawi prostests
Malawi planning protests against Mutharika

Exclusive information that Malawi24 has indicates that the party has been meeting secretly to plot evil machinations for its critics and people who would like to lead the country to demand answers from the regime.

The information we have says that the party had a meeting after President Mutharika returned. At the meeting it was discussed that there was a feeling of discontent among Malawians.

A source said that one of the possible outcomes that was discussed was that with the discontent there might be a demonstration.

“The party feels that there is a sense of anger against the party,” the source said. “We are aware that people are not happy with the recent reforms, we also know that the issue of the UN delegation has made many people angry. It was suggested that we should be preparing for street protests which might happen if nothing is done to stop them.”

The source who was part of the meeting said that it was agreed at the meeting that the party should start diffusing the demonstration before any CSO leader has made it gather momentum.

“Prevention is better than cure, it was agreed that we should fight off the spirit of demonstration long before it comes to gather momentum,” the source said.

July 20 Malawi protests
DPP’s unpopularity grips Malawi

According to the information from other independent sources, the party agreed that its members of Parliament should start holding meetings with students to talk to them against demonstrating when anybody calls on them to discuss.

“Students are aggrieved and they have been known to be in the forefront of demonstrating, we agreed that in constituencies where this has been witnessed, the MPs should talk with the students at this time before it gathers momentum,” said another source.

Meanwhile Malawi24 established that another way of curbing the demonstration is not civil as it involves mafia tactics.

A source told Malawi24 that the party wants to target demonstration organisers and kill them. He said they will be involved in mysterious accidents that will leave no trace.

“Everybody knows the roads of Malawi are known for accidents, if we get them to end on the road then we will be cleared of any wrongdoing,” he said to Malawi24.

Meanwhile Malawi24 understands that some MPs in Blantyre have already started meeting students in schools where they are talking with them about demonstrations.



  1. Anazolowera zopha anthu koma pano sitisiyana tavutika kwakwana

    1. EDOMS,,>> Peter Mutharika. Akachoka pa udindou, ukhalepo iweyo hope Dziko la Malawi uphawi uzathekatu.

  2. those of u who were sayin peter should not step down mulikuti?mwangokhala ziii apa,ntchito kumangotitukwana ife ma northeners basi,majelasi basi!!mayb u didnt read wel,they r ploting to kill pple,is this good for u??think twice.

  3. ayamba kale by discrediting ma doctors amend akukonzekela kuyika pans zida zawo mpaka boma lopanda mutuli lilembe ntchitoa dokotala 51 amene amaliza maphunziro awo. a Pitala aluti boma lawo lilibe ndalama zofunila kuchita employ anthu ofunikilawa

  4. Angochokapo pampando apiter basi kuposa kupha mitundu ya anthu. Zawakanika. Ndipo inu a DPP ndinu agalu munthu mukumuwona zikumukanika koma mukumupanga defend? Muzavomeleza liti anthuni? Kuibwino musankhe wina muchipanicho amene angaendese bwino. Why why why malawi?

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