Malawi Government activates visa regime


The Malawi government has finally introduced Visa regime to visa paying countries and foreign nationals whose countries require Malawians to pay visa to enter their countries are obliged to pay visa.

The move which took its effect from yesterday, 1st October 2015 is among others not affect Nationals from the Southern African Development Community (SADC) countries, except Angola; Nationals from the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA); Diplomats and Government officials; and Nationals from all countries that do not require Malawian nationals to pay visa fees when traveling to such countries.

Application for visaWhen defending the development, Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security, Dr. Jean Kalilani told members of media on Monday earlier this week in Lilongwe saying the decision is for security purposes.

“You cannot just have people just entering the country anyhow, there must be a control and one of them is this visa regime”, she said.

According to government, these new Visa rates ranging from US $50 to US $ 300 varies depending on whether it has been paid for in Malawi or at a Diplomatic Mission.

Visa Regime has been activated when the government is trying to reforming some of its public structures, others have described the Visa paying Regime move as the way of collecting more revenues as the country is strangling economically.

*Additional reporting by Luke Bisani.



  1. Ngati ukufuna kupedza bwino pamalawin, uzipanga zomwe boma likuka. Illegal business, koma ukasatatila zomwe boma likufuna, ufa ndi umphawi. Akati gula visa iwe ukungoenda yamaduli, akati passport ulendo waku joeni, iwe kwela galimoto ya katundu. Ukaziwa tsopano kuti apandafika ndiyenela boma lindiziwe ndie ukuyamba kusatila zomwe boma lifuna. Legal business. Boma lomwelo anzako agwila mpini iwe wagwila kwakuthwa aaaasaaaaaaaaa.

    • Hahahahahaha malawi work-up time is over. Anthu mukamapita kwao amalipilisa why not here? Kungomva kuti ndinu opemphesa ndiye basi kumakanika kupanga chiganizo panokha kuopa kuti wina sabwela.

    • You are telling us that you dont know where he is? How do you relate this issue with impeachment? Lucky of serious comments in you…???

  2. Chamba anzanu anakana zimenezo polingalira umphawi wa dziko lawo inu lero mukuvomereza ndicholinga chofuna kupeza ndalama mukatero muzigawananso(cash gate)zichepe zimenezo muwauzekuti amalawi ndi osauka sangakwanise osamangovomera zili zonse anthu anu akufa ndi njala

  3. There will be no change as long as DPP is in goverment which security is Kalilani talking here?,what about tourism or foreign investors? Know that our country is in bad shape,bad image and bad economy because of these politicians who take this country for aride.VISA is achase of tourists and investors,they will prefer countries that do not ask for VISA.Muleme aDPP mwachita chogwilizana nonse kuti mugwese dzikoli

  4. But you should also improve your system because it takes too long to complete visa application. It’s also bad to keep people standing on the line because of your visa thing. Improve the system so that people don’t wait too long.

  5. Its a nice innovation bt how many months r they granting in the Visa?is like passports of 30 days of visiting permit?

  6. kodi inu mukamalemamba khani chizungu chifukwa chani poti ife timavana muchichewa, kodi kwa azunguwo amayakhula chiyakhulo chathuchi?

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