Lilongwe Council under fire!


Barely two weeks after Area 18A market was gutted down by fire, vendors have blamed the Lilongwe City Council for delaying the reconstruction of the market, Malawi24 has learnt.

FireBut the Council’s representative, Gecha Gwaba, said that the council is finalizing paper work on the reconstruction of the market.

Gwaba also said that the council is taking time in order to ensure that the market to be built good design and quality standards.

In the meantime, Chairperson of the market Benard Gama has appealed to authorities to fast track the reconstruction work in market. Gama expressed concern that there were some people who promised that they could help the vendors soon after the fire, but no one has come along to help them.

The Area 18A market fire destroyed property over K100 million belonging to about 500 traders.

There has been a series of market fires in the country. Some quarters believe that such fires are deliberately set by greedy individuals who only want to be compensated with huge amounts of money.



  1. Pliz pitala Mutharika ligulitse dziko la malawi kwa azungu basi

  2. this is not the time to point fingers at each other the best thing for us as malawians is to unite and help in every possible way we can,by JEHOVA we wil over-come any pain.

  3. since this gvt got into power last year,these fire accidents hav bin occuring frequently,i wonder y

  4. I now understand that malawi nation was sold to the divil.”malawi shall never prosper”

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