Strange disease hits Chiradzulu

Chiradzulu District Hospital

Malawi health experts at Chiradzulu District hospital have expressed fears over an outbreak of unidentified skin disease which is fast spreading among primary school pupils in the district.

Chiradzulu District Hospital
Chiradzulu District Hospital officials have confirmed the development.

The strange disease is reportedly attacking primary school pupils at St. Michael’s primary school and the surrounding communities.

Confirming about the development, the Deputy Head teacher of St. Michael’s primary school, Agness Chiwaya, said that a number of learners have developed the skin disease which is yet to be identified.

But according to Chiradzulu hospital Public Relations Officer, Owen Chataika, health authorities in the district have not been notified officially of the situation but the hospital is planning to send some of its personnel to assess the situation in the areas that have been hit by the disease.

Chataika also indicated that plans are underway to establish outreach clinics in the affected areas to contain the situation before it goes out of hand.



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