Poverty stricken primary school pupil commits suicide


A Malawian primary school learner identified as Nathan Manda poisoned himself in Mzimba district over what other sources suggest was his tiredness with poverty.

Sources told our reporter that the deceased was facing indescribable poverty that made him decide to take away his life after continued disgrace he succumbed to in the society for his living standards.

Other sources went on to assume that due to the same poverty, some villagers began implicating him in scandals he was not even involved in.

“They were accusing him of speculating bad stories of some widows in the village as one way of making him out of the village,” said one source.

Malawi24 understands that there is hazy information on the incident because the departed did not leave any suicide note.

Mzimba police publicist constable Gabriel Chiona has since confirmed the incident while advising Malawians to embrace the concept of solving problems without using violent means.

Blood.In a related development a 13 year old Herbart Banda has died by drowning in a certain Kasito river after failing to swim.

Information sourced by our paper indicates that the deceased was a learner at Chigude primary school in the same Mzimba district.

It is assumed that the departed went to swim in a company of friends. However because it was for the first time for him to go swimming, he obscured.

His friends went to report the incident to parents who only managed to pick up his body from the river and went to the hospital where he was confirmed dead due to suffocation.

Police has since confirmed the development with warning to parents to consider guarding their children to avoid the recurrence of such accidents.

He hailed from T/A Kampingi Sibande in Mzimba district.



  1. Ayende bwino ameneyo, moti Malawi yenseyi mphawi ndi iye yekha? anzake akuvala makabudula ong’ambika pathako yet akumapitabe ku xul chifukwa akudziwa kuti zokoma zili mtsogolo nde iyeyo amafuna alemele ali mfana? iya, wangoukhuta moyo wakewo basi.

  2. Its so sad to hear bad news for beloved Malawi.Teenager poison herself because of poverty.What will the Government reflect on that suicide.Will they put a a blame to the parental care.Something must be done to save innocent future Malawian Leaders.May her soul RIP.

  3. Amalawi mkutha chifukwa chiyani makolo sometimes kumayesesa kuthamanga ndi ma business boma silingathe kukwanisa kwamuthu aliyese Am sorry for that R.I.P ma young bra We can’t mention God at this

    1. Iweyo ukutero mwina ulinapo pothawira olo mwina ulindi ena omwe umati ukayang’Ana Uku umati zikandivuta ndipita kwa ujeni anga.Koma mwina kuti akafike pa point iyi zimakhala zoti mwina mayi bambo onse anamwalira poti nkupeza thandizo sipakuoneka anthu nawo mu community palibe woti alabadile kuti mwina akuonetsereni chikondi .

  4. pepa kwambiri anamalila anyamata tiyeni tizindikile ichi moyo ndi chuma ndizosiyana mawu amati moyo ndichuma chatengo wapatali chilichose chimakoma ulindimoyo ngakhale ukhalendimagalimoto koma ngati ukupezeka chipatala sikukulililose galimoto singakome moyo ndikapitolo chimenecho musayiwale RIP

  5. Ambiri tili pa uphawi wadzaoneni komabe tikuyesayesa poti sikadza kokha kaopa kulawula. koma mpaka kudzipha Makolo thawi zina tizikhala ndi mpata kuwaphuzitsa ana athu umaphawi sikuti ndiwe ochimwa ayi. Tikumbukire khani ya buku loyera lazalo wauphawi ndi Mfumu yolemera.

    1. Everything you put ablame on government! This is family matters,the boy was just stupit,how can he commit sucide instead of working hard at school for the better future to fight the poverty in the family,ive seen pple with poverty in my life but now they are somewhere

    2. Kkkkk! Meaning That The Statement Of Increasing Xul Fees Is Fair To Your Side? U Must Know That Other Areas/sites/villages Are In Complete Poverty That Now They Dont’ve Even A Single Kilo Of Maize To Eat….So Where Can They Get Xul Fees?

    3. @vic if you u bliv ur statmnt to b tru, even if primary is free who wud pay for them at sec xools. Mulungu ndiyemwe amatsogolera pa chilichonse.

    4. Iknow @ vic ,iws born and raised in avilllage as well on top of that with asingle mum,life sometimes was hard but ikeep on going,it doesnt mean im supporting the idea of introducing fees, So u mean the solution was to take his life? Muzinthu zonse ambuye akakhalamo chigonjetso chilimo,

    5. Mr Somanje u hv jx seen people in poverty doing better in class bt i wish u wud share ur own lyf experience.What varies z the degree of poverty.We don’t kno hw much the boy suffered.Government z 2 selfish 2 luk into pipo’s pblms.

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