Chikwawa man arrested for stealing drugs


Malawi Police in Chikwawa district are keeping in custody a ground labour at Makande hospital in N’gabu who is being suspected to have stolen medical drugs worth over half a million kwacha, proven to be properties of Malawi government.

This comes when most of the government hospitals in the country are lacking drugs and other health related materials.

According to one of the police officers at Chikwawa police station, Constable Sam Chiwanda, the suspect, Solomon Chikatanga was nabbed on Friday night, September 25 after being at large for some time.

Stolen. (Google images)

He said there were reports some months ago that thieves at the hospital stole drugs amounting close to K500,000 but the criminals were at large and investigations to find them were on going until he was arrested on this day.

According to the police officer, Chikatanga has been selling the stolen medicine outside the country in Mozambique.

He however said the suspect has so far refused to tell them how he has been stealing the drugs.

Solomon Chikatanga has been found with boxes of Laa, Panado, Amoxline, Buffen, Bactrim and much other kind which are properties of Malawi government.

Meanwhile, the suspect who hails from Ndakwera village in the area of sub- Traditional Authority Ndakwera, will soon appear before court to answer charges of theft.

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  1. ndekuti timalinamizila boma kuti likulephela kugula mankhwala mzipatala chifukwa sizingatheke kumaba mankhwala palibepo pena pake zinthuzi timawononga tokha, SHAME.

  2. spritually dis man dd wrong bt if we cam 2di crissis w r facing nw,sanalakwtse coz h iz receivn 30grand yet he haz chldrn 2 feed evn 2cloth dem,amwereko inayo” wat do u thnk cn assist hm??am nt encouragin dis bad bhaviour bt b4 we judge lets look at de salaries that these pple r receivn!! Corruption Wl nevr end here in NYASALAND coz “whr wer security guards by dis tym??who gav hm keys?? Malawi Wanga amat Kumpanjetu sadzatheka basi

  3. Ground-worker ?? ma key aku stores anapeza bwanji? Nanga mankhwalawo anaturuka nawo nthaw yanji komanso motani??
    Amapanga issue the required amount of drugs kumeneko ndani?
    Oky ngati anachita chotchola then were security guards asleep??

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