US Ends Funding for UN Agency Supporting Palestinian Refugees, Approves $26.4 Billion Military Aid to Israel


The US has passed a bill banning any funding to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), which supports Palestinian refugees. Ironically, the US has also approved $26.4 billion in military aid to Israel which is currently decimating Gaza. This level of US military aid to Israel could fund Malawi’s budget for nearly 10 years.

Media reports indicate that aid package include $4bn for missile defense to help strengthen the much-vaunted Iron Dome which was partly subjugated by Iran when it launched what the US called “unprecedented” missile and drone attack against Israel.

“The bill includes about $4.4bn to replenish depleted US supplies given to Israel; $4bn for missile defense, including the much-vaunted Iron Dome, and $1.2bn for the Iron Beam; and $3.5bn to help Israel buy weapons” reports the Guardian.

Additional provisions are aimed at facilitating the supply of US munitions to Israel from stocks held in other countries.

The bill must now pass through the Senate before the President can sign it into law.