Might Delete Later: An African review after 7 Minute Drill Retirement


Now that the ‘7 Minute Drill’ has been removed as the mixtape title suggests, ‘Might Delete Later’, here is our ranking and review of the songs based on a quick skim through of the compilation. Our decision to review this mixtape steams from our love for Stickz n Stonez which earns a 5/5.

Not a subliminal, speakin’ in general, feelings get hurt when words get spilled

Sticks and stones may break your bones, but sayin’ my name in a verse will kill

Word to the wise, nigga, we heard all them lies before

My number ones come from albums, theirs is burgers and fries to go

N**** don’t want no smoke with me, I’m one of them ones

Despite denying it, it is evident that Stickz n Stonez is loaded with subs. This Alchemist & Steve Bilodeau produced track which sits on number 7 in the mixtape is a solid 10. It powered our energy to do this ‘skim’ review.

Here we are!

Pricey, the track that introduces Might Delete Later, borrows heavily from a 2Pac rhythm and DJ Premier’s style. Think we’re exaggerating? Just replace the Young Dro & J. Cole hook with 2Pac’s voice and season it with a DJ Premier scratch.

You know if I want it, I be John Gotti with the henchmen

Pricey is 4.8/5, 0.2 short of a solid 5.0 which can be achieved with a DJ Premier remix.

Ready 24 featuring Cam’ron: 4.8/5. Cam’ron’s verse on this track standouts, especially to the old school, earning a perfect 10/10 for that era.

You think you ’bout to get this sh*t over-the-counter? You’re not

Ain’t no prescription for this sh*t, you can’t just dial up the doc

Huntin’ Wabbitz: 4.5/5. This track is loaded with subliminal messages, yet it contrasts sharply with the artist’s live performance at the Dreamville concert. There, he declared his acceptance of being a punching bag and announced the removal from all streaming platforms of 7 Minute Drill (7MD) which aimed at Kendrick Lamar. All that Dreamville talk, why is the song where Cole declares himself to be a “2Pac Twin” still available? Will the whole mixtape disappear before the Fall Off?

Ohh, we skipped Crocodile Tearz, another 4.5 that continues where Pricey leaves.

Yes, sir, it’s me, not two, not three

The uno, G-O-A-T, I need my fee, f**k kudos

HYB, with that Central Cee feature to cement UK drill in hiphop delivers a standout performance which fuels the 3 minutes and 54 seconds track to 4.9.

Fever should have a Drake feature. Without him, it drops to a 4.0.

What particularly kept us puzzled throughout the skim is the question that If 7 Minute Drill (7MD) is deleted from the streaming platforms later, why are some songs still available to the public. This is the question we revisited when we were listening to Pi. Why is this song still in this mixtape? 4.5? May be. But nay.

The weather’s cold from jealous souls that fanned fellas

I danced as well as Chris Breezy when the bullets start strayin’ careless

I won’t let him Swiss cheese me, got plans that I can’t fail at

Seen plenty bodies trembling, resembling Cam Reddish

So full of potential, but never given a real chance to develop

My head envelops the pen, these ain’t fan letters I craft

His album dropped, it was trash

I litter it like I can’t spell it

Is you a demon or is that demeanor for the ‘Gram? Tell us

They plead the fifth, I’m seeing hints of a trans fella

In cancel culture’s vicinity, he’s no k*ller, trust me

Beneath his chosen identity, there is still a p***sy, period

Let’s push Pi to 4.9. This track stands out, raising questions about its inclusion despite the removal of other similar tracks.

Drake – First Person Shooter ft. J. Cole

Stealth Mode left us conflicted. Yet, it showcases the talents of the first signee to Dreamville, Bas, similar to what we see him do on HYB. This also lacks a Drake.

I been considerin’ extending an olive branch

Building bridges with n***** that burned ’em

Carefully watched by dozens of thots

F*** it, I’ll just have a couple of shots

Take off the edge and get out my head

When you up at the top it’s a coveted spot

Stealth Mode foretells Cole’s Dreamville speech where he was talking Pop Politics like Chipmunk in his January 2015 Fire in the Booth.

3001. We first gave it a 4.3 but then we saw how unfair that rate was. The song song deserves more than a 4.7/5.

Trae The Truth in Ibiza! What a solid 5/5. A perfect freestyle. Flawless.

N****as ain’t ’bout to outwork me

Now, reality has Trae the Truth in Ibiza as the last song of the mixtape. The song reveals that the Fall Off could be Cole’s last album.

My n**** just told me, “You trippin’ for thinkin’ of callin’ quits.”

There goes 7 Minute Drill, the song panned by critics and loved by some, was officially retired on April 12, 2024 after the Dreamville Festival apology.

Retiring 7 Minute Drill (7MD) from the mixtape appears to be a strategic move, allowing the other tracks to receive the attention they deserve. Without 7MD overshadowing them, Might Delete Later might as well stand out as oner of the best on Cole’s catalogue.

But could more retirement from the mixtape be on our way? When you Cole, you attempt it.

Additional Review by Aubrey Makina.