Toast and Sean Morgan Team Up for Hit Single “Everything Nice” in Latest Malawian Music Sensation


Renowned Malawian hip-hop artist Toast collaborates with the acclaimed dancehall sensation Sean Morgan to release the hit single “Everything Nice.” This eagerly anticipated track introduces a fresh wave in the Malawi music scene, showcasing the unique blend of hip-hop and dancehall that both artists are celebrated for.

“Everything Nice” is not just any release; it’s Toast’s first offering of the year, arriving after his last single “The City,” which made waves on October 31st of the previous year. With this song, Toast announces his dynamic return to the music forefront, ready to captivate his audience anew.

This release gives fans a sneak peek into Toast’s forthcoming projects, “COLLECTAPE I” and “COLLECTAPE II,” set to drop on March 29th. These collections promise a departure from his well-known melodic rap, venturing into AfroPop fusions that highlight Toast’s willingness to experiment with new sounds.

“Everything Nice” stands as a testament to Toast’s artistic growth, spotlighting his dedication to pushing musical boundaries. His fan base, ever loyal, eagerly anticipates his explorations into new genres, solidifying his reputation as not just a rapper but a versatile music innovator.

By bringing Sean Morgan into the mix, the track gains an extra layer of vibrancy. Morgan’s dancehall influence perfectly complements Toast’s experimental approach, resulting in a track that’s as infectious as it is innovative. Together, they deliver a sound that’s bound to resonate not just in Malawi but globally.

Gomezgani Kambwiri, better known as Toast, has firmly established himself as a leading figure in Malawi’s music industry. With his distinctive blend of sharp lyricism and energetic flows, he’s played a pivotal role in shaping the local music culture.

Toast’s list of accolades is impressive, including a win for Best Collaboration at the 2020 Malawi Hip Hop Awards and being named Best Dressed Male Artist at the 2019 Urban Music People Awards (UMP). His influence continues to grow, as evidenced by his consistent success and recognition in the music scene.

Sean Morgan, on the other hand, has made significant strides with hits like “Mantha” and “Ndidzagenda,” focusing on universal themes of love and peace. His nomination for Best Dancehall Act at the 2020 UMP Awards underscores his impact on the genre.

The music video for “Everything Nice,” shot by Seany Films, captures the energetic essence of the song. With production, mixing, and mastering by Cuff-B and Trappy Beats, the track promises a top-tier auditory experience for listeners worldwide.


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