Professor Ngeyi Kanyongolo becomes first female Vice Chancellor of Catholic University


Professor Ngeyi Kanyongolo, a law expert, has taken oath of office as Vice Chancellor of Catholic University of Malawi and has become the university’s first female Vice Chancellor.

Chairperson of the University Council, Archbishop, Thomas Luke Msusa, presided over the swearing in ceremony at the university’s chapel at Nguludi in Chiradzulu.

Prof Kanyongolo thanked the University Council for her positing and further hailed the Episcopal Conference of Malawi for establishing the higher learning institution.

She said the right to education is a pillar and catalyst for national growth and socio – economic development as former South Africa president Nelson Mandela once said; “education is the most powerful weapon which can use to change the world.”

She added that her position as Vice Chancellor is another opportunity for her to promote quality education within the Catholic church.

Prof Kanyongolo therefore appealed to the university academic staff to support her to meet the Catholic University’s vision and mission.

The university’s strategic plan for 2022 to 2027 says the university aspires to become one of the best universities in Malawi and beyond.

The new Vice Chancellor therefore said time will come for the Catholic University to be the first choice for students that want to pursue higher studies.

She said it was encouraging that Catholic University of Malawi has now be given a nod to offer law studies, adding this is an indication that the institution is recognized to be an ideal center for excellence.

In her first 40 days, Kanyongolo said she will deepen her understanding of Catholic University, read, listen, meet individuals and groups, visit campus projects and meet partners and collaborators.

Prof Kanyongolo said in her two weeks she will also place a box which will be labelled ‘Talk To Your Vice Chancellor’ to allow students drop in their suggestions as to how they want the institutions to operate.

“Catholic University started with 129 students in five programmes. Currently the University has 6,000 students in 34 programmes and this shows that the Catholic University is moving in the right direction. Let me thank former Vice Chancellors of the university for their dedication to duty,” Prof Ngeyi Kanyongolo added.

Chairperson of University Council, Archbishop Thomas Luke Msusa pledged that Episcopal Conference of Malawi will support the new Vice Chancellor in her pursuit for excellence in the best interest of the church and the Catholic University.

Archbishop Msusa said Prof Kanyongolo has become the first female Vice Chancellor of the Catholic University and the Archbishop expressed hope that she will perform to her best considering her long experience at the University of Malawi and other positions outside the education sector.

Prof Kanyongolo has been Vice Chairperson of the Malawi Law Society, Vice President of Women Lawyers Association, Board Chairperson of Standard Bank, Board Chairperson of Old Mutual, Board Chairperson of Airtel Malawi among high ranking positions in the corporate entities.