People in Mzimba Luwerezi constituency defend UTM MP Chirwa


Communities in Mzimba Luwerezi constituency have denied allegations that the incumbent UTM legislator, Samuel “Chimukwevu” Chirwa, has failed to bring development projects in the area since being voted into power in 2019.

On social media, some people have been accusing Chirwa of failing to bring tangible development projects in the area.

For instance, one of Malawi Congress Party (MCP) social media influencer who is from the same area on Thursday asked MP Chirwa to renovate Luwerezi police station using K100 million Community Development Fund (CDF).

“MP wa Mzimba Luwerezi pa 100 million ija chotsanipo pang’ono mutikonzele police station ija, chifukwa nde palibe zomwe mukutithandiza ku dela kwathuku bwana Sam Chirwa.[ MP of Luwerezi constituency, out of 100 million kwacha CDF please help us to renovate our police station because as of now, there is nothing you are doing as far as development projects are concerned],” she posted.

However, a number of the community members who spoke to this publication, including the Village Development Committee (VDC) chairperson, rubbished claims that the police station is in poor state.

The VDC chairperson, Master Makombe, said Luwerezi Police Station is functional and was renovated using CDF under the leadership of MP Chirwa.

“As a person who is heading a development committee in the area, I can tell you that the same police station they’re talking about is functional because of the incumbent Legislator,” he said.Makombe believes that the allegations are from shadow MPs who have resurrected ahead 2025 elections.

According to him, such issues were not there in the past but have started as some politicians have shown interest to challenge the current MP in 2025 election “Luwerezi Police Station is in good shape. This is the station which was torched by angry community after a disagreement with the law enforcers in 2019. However, MP Chirwa managed to renovate it with CDF and as I am talking it is alive,” he added.

In his remarks, MP Chirwa told this publication in a phone interview that he is aware that some people have started spreading fake news against him in the media.Chirwa, however, asked journalists to go on the ground before publishing such “hearsays”

“At first there was a fake story that I am bankrupt. This story was aimed at persuading authorities to declare my post vacant but after investigation it was discovered that the story was fake.

After that, it is when they are spreading fake news that I have performed poorly in my area.

And as if I have misused CDF. But as journalist, you can go on the ground,” he said.Northern region political commentators including Youth for Action Campaign (YAC) executive director, Jack Msiska described the allegations that the police station is not functional as unfounded and retrogressive.

Msiska whose organization has been or is on the ground scrutinizing what legislators are doing with CDF in their respective areas, said legislator Samuel Chirwa is on top especially when it comes to development.