Mzimba residents demand NRWB  to fix water challenges

Mzimba residents demand NRWB to fix water challenges

People living in areas around Mzimba Prison in Mzimba have decried persistent  water problems they are currently facing.

According to the people that Malawi24 spoke to, the water problem in these areas has now reached a critical point.

“You know water is life; we here at the prison area and our friends around Chanthomba areas have been having trouble getting water out of the taps for the past two weeks, and we don’t know what the problem is,” said Mrs. Lolin Nyirenda.

Another resident Elton Mhango has also told us that the current water problem has reached a point where they are walking a long distance to get  water at a borehole which is near the prison.

Officials of the Northern Region Water Board- Mzimba Office have acknowledged that the areas are facing water problem saying at first they thought it is the  problem of electricity, but now they have found a problem that is making water difficult in these areas.

“At first, we thought the problem was to do with Escom; we overlooked the importance of installing big pipes coming to the prison side and other areas. The pressure of water is low since the pipes are small. Now we are planning to install big pipes,” said one of the Senor officers at the NRWB Mzimba office.

Other gurus have questioned NRWB Mzimba by saying the board could have planned for population growth everything when laying out the pipes.

It has also been noted that when people are bringing development activities to the district, they do not use the District Development Plan (DDP). The DDP is a blueprint for the district, which guides all developing partners when it comes to embarking on projects.