Speaker Gotani Hara asks parliamentarians to avoid politicizing food security issues

Malawi Speaker Catherine Gotani Hara speaking in Salima in 2024

Speaker of Parliament Catherine Gotani Hara has asked Members of Parliament to avoid politicizing food security issues, saying there is need for honest discussions aimed at improving agricultural productivity.

Speaking during the opening of a one-day retreat in Salima organized by Alliance for a Green revolution in Africa (AGRA),, Hara said that the lawmakers  need to be having discussions that are honest and that will be beneficial to the people more especially when it comes to agriculture considering that it is the backbone of the economy.

The Speaker of the National Assembly added that the MPs should come together and find ways that can assist their people in constituencies because it is sad to see people suffering from hunger when there are some alternatives that can be used to improve the current situation.

“My plea to my fellow members is that let us start having discussions, meetings that are honest. We need to brainstorm and come up with good ideas , alternatives and ways that can improve agriculture.

“We can encourage our people to move to irrigation system and also the use of modern farming equipment so that they can have more food to keep and also to sell and make money. We can bring change to this nation that is if we are eager to bring that change,” she explained.

On his part, Chairperson of Parliamentary on Agriculture Committee Sameer Sulemani said that the absence of Parliamentarians in food security system is what has been missing hence working with several organizations such as AGRA is very important and beneficial to people.

He went on to say it is unfortunate that hunger issues continue to strike the country because a lot of international organizations that are pumping a lot of funds into food security programs lack implementors like members of parliament.

Country Director for AGRA Valentine Miheso pledged to continue working with Members Of Parliament and other stakeholders to  end hunger issues in Malawi and the whole Africa.

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