The opposition DPP gives Christmas and new year gift to the ruling MCP

Kondwani Nankhumwa with Uladi Mussa

If there is a party in Malawi that that has  all the reasons to celebrate and make merry the whole night long, it is the ruling mighty Malawi Congress Party (MCP).

Whether it is by design or by chance, the main opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has proved to be a nonentity by letting internal squabbles  reach their climax.

As the year  2023 is ending, it becomes a Christmas and new year  gift to MCP when internal DPP wrangles have culminated into two antagonistic camps with each staging its  own elective convention.

The aftermath of this internal fracas is that one camp will win while the losing one will most likely break away weakening further  the already feeble opposition  party.

In fact, if President Chakwera  is generous enough, this is the opportune  time for MCP to throw  a sumptuous festive party.

President Chakwera  and MCP have all the reasons to stand tall because MCP has proved to be a resilient party as it successfully  managed to be on the opposition  side for  over 26 years.

Even though, disagreements emerged during  the period of their opposition , MCP was expeditious enough to cordially resolve them without  resorting to court arbitration.

MCP  is justified to celebrate now because it knows  that  a house that is divided amongst itself cannot stand so too  DPP will not.

The person  who translated the term ‘politics’  to literally mean ‘ndale’ wasn’t that all wrong. The truth of the matter is that politics all over the globe is about dribbles, espionage, dishonesty and lies.

In our vernacular adage, ukazaona wa khungu akamati ndikugenda dziwani kuti waponda mwala. The translation of this proverb comes from a biblical story in which a weak and small boy, David, defeated a giant, Goliath by merely slinging a stone at him

Therefore, there is a high probability that money has exchanged hands especially when you witness Nankhumwa’s camp causing havoc in the once mighty DPP.

Furthermore, it is not mindboggling to hear serious allegations that President Chakwera is considering to rope in Kondwani Nankhumwa as his running mate.

Allegations do not cease to reveal sensitive information that  Nankhumwa’s supporters including Greseder Jeffrey, Nicholas Dausi, Ken Msonda and many others may be offered either ministerial posts or diplomatic positions if the purported  MCP and DPP alliance materialises.

In a twist of events, while Greseder has taken his superior to court for reshuffling  her from  the position of Secretary General to the Vice President of Central Region, former President Prof. Peter Mutharika  continues to pluck enough courage  to assign many NGC members to other positions.

In conclusion, while MCP may be celebrating the pandemonium that has ensued in DPP, it is our hope that the court, as a final arbitrator, will take an intermediary role so that the two DPP antagonistic camps reach a mutual compromise.

It must be vehemently emphasised that a weak opposition in a country is a threat to democracy which some of us fought for with our own sweat and blood.