DPP members agree to hold convention next week

DPP Secretary General Grezelder Jeffrey and NGC meeting chairperson Cecilia Chazama

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) members who met in Lilongwe today have agreed that the party will host a national elective conference from 15th to 16th December, 2023.

Making an announcement after the National Governing Council meeting which took place on Wednesday at Golden Peacock Hotel in Lilongwe, Chairperson for the NGC Cecelia Chazama said this was resolved during the meeting as one way of respecting court orders.

“The NGC has made resolution that elective Conference will take place at Natural Resources College (NRC) in Lilongwe on 15th and 16th December, 2023”, said Chazama.

She said the NGC attracted 30 delegates and other 4 members followed and participated online while some sent apologies since they were engaged with other duties both within and outside the country.

Chazama also announced that among the resolutions, the council has elected Nicholus Dausi as Chairperson for the National Elective Convention to take place this month.

In his statement after being elected, Dausi thanked DPP NGC for having trust in him to chair the December elective convention.

He said as Chairperson, he will make sure that only legitimate delegates who attended 2018 convention at COMESA in Blantyre are those who will take part to elect new leaders during convention.

He also said holding elective convention in central region does not mean that they are afraid of anything.

“As a national party, we have decided during the NGC that we should hold our next convention in central region because we are all one”, he said.

Some delegates confided with Malawi24 that they attended the meeting in respect of the court order which is very clear.

“As a party, we shuld leave all our differences and camps aside and respect court order in order to progress,” said one of them.

There are camps in the party and the camp led by party leader Peter Mutharika is against the NGC meeting called by Grezelder Jeffrey who is Secretary General of the party.

It is not known what action the Mutharika camp take based on the resolutions made during the NGC meeting.