Malawi-Mozambique pledge to combat cross-border crime


The Malawian and the Mozambican governments have revitalised their commitments towards the fight against cross-border crimes.

The commitments have been made during the 15th session of the Malawi -Mozambique joint permanent commission on defence and security that brought together top officials from security agencies from both Malawi and Mozambique during a 3-day conference that was held at Amaryllis Hotel in Blantyre.

According to Defence Minister who is also Chairperson of the commission Harry Mkandawire, the Malawi Government is committed to continue working together with the Mozambican Government in the fight against terrorism and other cross-border crimes.

Mkandawire added that Malawi and Mozambique share a lot in common, stating that a problem for Mozambique equally affects Malawi and vice versa.

The Defence Minister further disclosed that the security in the country’s borders has been tightened to fight the vice.

“I can assure the Mozambican government that we have sealed the borders because we prioritize peace and international cooperation and that the fight against terrorism and other cross-border crimes does not only affect Mozambique government, we are equally affected by the vice because these terrorists pass through Malawi to go to Mozambique,” Mkandawire said.

On the other hand, Homeland Security Minister Kenneth Zikhale Ng’oma called for collaborated effort to fight cross-border crimes, saying that some foreign nationals come into the country under the pretext of being refugees which in turn pose a threat to the country’s security and economy.

Ng’oma stressed that collaboration is key toward achieving peace, stability and sustainable development for the benefit of people from the two nations.

“Terrorism and other cross-border crimes negatively affect the security of the country and economy in general, as such we need to collaborate to fight illicit trade, cybercrimes, smuggling of goods and human trafficking.

Such meetings are critical because they provide an opportunity to review our commitments toward strengthening our international relations,” said Ng’oma.

The Mozambican Minister of National Defence Cristovao Artur Chiume thanked the Malawian government for the commitment in the fight against cross-border crimes.

Chiume said that in Mozambique terrorism is an issue of great concern, hence calling for collaboration and dedication in the fight against the vice.

Chiume disclosed that good collaboration with neighboring countries has drastically improved terrorism situation in Mozambique.

He has since expressed his government’s commitment to continue working together with the Malawian government to spearhead international relations for the well-being of people from the two nations.

The conference that started on 28th-30th June has seen delegates deliberate on issues of international security, international boundaries, peace, wild life protection and development among others.

The conference is being held annually as a way of improving security and strengthening international relations between Malawi and Mozambique.