If I were Malawi President Chakwera


If I were Malawi President Lazarus Chakwera, my government would handle street vendors once and for all. I would recognize my government’s responsibility to provide for the welfare of its citizens. More tax collection would be my government’s top priority. Therefore, I would accommodate street vendors completely by providing appropriate space for their businesses. I would do things quickly but intelligently.

I would provide alternative space where vendors could do their business freely, as a lasting solution to the never-ending conflict that goes on in the towns and cities of Malawi.

If I were President Lazarus, I would not devalue the Malawi kwacha. Devaluation does not make any sense for Malawi, especially in light of the country’s history of economic instability. These are useless strings attached by the former colonial powers.

Devaluation is a complicated macroeconomic policy that has a detrimental effect on developing, net importing economies like Malawi. It is therefore very important for policymakers to understand the potential consequences of a devaluation, at least in the most practical sense, including its impact on the government, businesses, and citizens, and carefully consider the policies that they wish to implement.

If I were President Mc Cathy Chakwera, I would invest heavily in education. Education is the great equalizer.

As President of this country, I would support colleges with sufficient funding to the six public universities, including all other public colleges, as a way to help needy students. I would invest in education from the grassroots up.

If I were President Lazarus, I would fight corruption seriously, including all forms of fraud.

I would respond to serious questions by providing honest and good answers. I would avoid remaining silent on crucial matters of national interest, and instead act quickly.

If I were President Reverend Chakwera, I would avoid at all costs saying that I do not have full control of the government. I would demonstrate my leadership by wanting to take my people to the promised land of Canaan.

I would demonstrate something positive about my leadership. In fact, I would avoid making speeches and poems, and instead simply take action on what I promised to the people. I would do more action than speeches, because speeches do not change anything.

If I were President Chakwera, I would take reforms seriously and make the report public. I would quickly fix the broken systems with the help of technocrats. I would ask my Vice President and other stakeholders to interpret the Reforms report to me where I do not understand it. I would try hard to avoid breaking the systems of government. I would fight corruption tooth and nail. I would consider revising salaries and working conditions for civil servants as one way of improving efficiency.

I would make the Reforms report public and start implementing the recommended actions contained in the document, which could take this country forward without delay.

If I were President “Itsanana” Chakwera, I would study the many effects of substandard materials. I would realize that the use of substandard building materials for the construction of buildings could cause structural failure, high maintenance costs, incessant building defects, and accelerate deterioration of building elements and components.

I would seriously look at poor construction planning as a major problem in the construction industry that could lead to a range of issues, including delays and disruptions, cost overruns, and even safety hazards.

I would ensure the need for checks and balances through my subordinates. I would ensure high quality control without any compromise at every level of infrastructure construction so that we have safe roads, bridges, and buildings. I would make it very clear that any company that provides substandard services would not do business with my government.

If I were President Chakwera, I would start working on my campaign promises. I would make sure my government was full of hope for the electorate and citizens of this country.

I would not handpick bidders for the Agricultural Input Programme (AIP) program. I would prioritize agriculture and food security. I would strictly allow and take full control of my government to operate and follow procedures.

I would make sure my government does not breach any procedures or abuse of office.

I would not allow high-profile political corruption and the application of wrong decisions by my government officials or their network contacts for illegitimate private gain. I would make it a point that the poor farmers of my country benefit 100% from the subsidy program and make Malawi a food secure nation.


Finally, I would ensure that poverty was reduced in order to discourage corruption in government by making sure that civil servants’ salaries, loans from banks, and pensions were attractive. Unfortunately, I am not the President of Malawi and will never be Chakwera. I am just a simple man, that’s all.