Malema: White people are scared of independent black leader


Julius Malema, the leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), has claimed that white people in South Africa are threatening to leave the country if he comes into power because they fear an independent black leader who is not controlled by the West.

In an interview with BBC’s Hard Talk, Malema stated that the EFF is the only party experiencing growth in South Africa. He asserted that this accomplishment has intimidated other political parties to the extent that the DA has declared the EFF as their “enemy number one” because they have surpassed them.

Malema expressed his openness to an electoral alliance; however, he emphasized that any party interested must meet the EFF’s conditions, which include:

  • Expropriation of land without compensation
  • Nationalization of the mines
  • Establishment of a state-owned commercial bank
  • Aggressively fighting crime

Malema clarified that the EFF will not enter into an electoral coalition merely for positions but for the “nationalization of strategic sectors of the economy.”

He revealed that the ANC almost joined forces with the EFF on land expropriation until the move was hindered by a certain “young ANC clown.”

In response to white people who have threatened to leave South Africa if he and the EFF come into power, Malema stated that those white individuals are only afraid of an independent black leader who is not controlled by the West.

“They said the same about Nelson Mandela. They said, ‘if Mandela, a prisoner, becomes the president,’ they would leave. They are not scared of Julius Malema. They are scared of an independent black leader who is not controlled by any white person, any black person who is not controlled by London.”

Malema has promised radical changes to governance and is gaining popularity among ordinary South Africans.