Malawi has improved on ICT innovations — ICTAM


ICT Association of Malawi(ICTAM) says Malawi is making strides in ICT innovations as more companies right now are doing well in as far as ICT innovations and digital technology is concerned.

President of ICTAM Clarence Gama made the remarks on Thursday during the 2023 ICT Expo Corporate Awards which took place in Lilongwe at BICC.

According to Gama, the country’s ICT has improved and many companies are providing solutions to the country in different departments and this is a milestone for the ICT Association.

Gama also noted that as ICT Association they have plans to have ICT regulations and also they are working towards making sure that ICT Association has the right mandate to influence and to enable decision making in the country.

“The ICT sector needs the regulation so that we are able to efficiently save Malawians and we are effectively able to hold the practitioners accountable accordingly and that they are also able to deliver to Malawians as expected,” said Gama.

Gama added that the two day ICT Expo has been a successful as they have discussed so many important issues which will be used to boost the ICT sector going forward.

“It’s really been a successful because in a just from participation point of view we have very good participation but every conference is only valuable if the people attending are paying attention and they are also contributing. So we had people paying attention and contributing through out the event and I think this is why this has been successful,” he said.

Speaking at the opening of the ICT Expo Minister of Information Moses Kumkuyu said Government it is currently reviewing the electronic transactions and cyber security Act and the Communications Act, but also develop other digital laws that are in line with International best practices such as E- Transactions and E-commerce Act, cyber security Act and Data protection among others to ensure Digitalization intervations.

According to Kunkuyu, government has embarked on this ambitious drive to provide conducive environment for digital transformation and promoting innovation and investment and also to strengthen consumer protection and privacy rights among others.

During the ICT Expo Corporate Awards, the ICT Association of Malawi awarded outstanding performers in the technology industry. The companies that were awarded include Sparc Systems as ICT firm of the year, National Bank as digital Banking of the year, TNM as internet connectivity of the year, Nico Life as Digital Insurance of the year, MRA as digital public service of they year and Life Time Achiever in ICT, Dr Harry Gombachika.

The Expo which was organised by ICT Association of Malawi was held under the theme theme “Business Resilience through Digital Technology” emphasizing the importance of ICT in mitigating both internal and external shocks that continue to negatively impact on business operations.

Several companies and organisations showcased their products and services in ICT communications at the event.

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