CSOs worried about attempts to legalize homosexuality in Malawi


The Grand Coalition for Civil Rights Organisations in Malawi says it is sad that there are attempts to promote and legalize homosexuality in Malawi.

In a statement, Agape Khombe who is Chairperson of the Coalition, said Malawi should never allow foreign culture to influence people’s way of lives and Malawians must not be forced to change their laws to accommodate abomination.

“History has told us that the West has never shared anything good with the African countries that is likely to develop the African countries. We should therefore be suspect why the West is pushing this agenda of homosexuality which is likely to do more harm to our people than good.

“We are saddened to note that there are attempts to use rights enshrined in the Republican Constitution on Cchapter 4, to destroy the very fabric of the Malawi society, our belief, our culture and the way of life. Currently, there is a court case ongoing and moves in Parliament to change the laws of the country in as far as same sex relationships is concerned,” said Khombe.

He then called on all Malawians to come together and stop this attempt to allow the issues of homesexuality in Malawi.

“If homosexuality is a condition for aid, let us remain poor than to allow ourselves to accept actions that are against our faith, our culture and our humanity. We therefore, would like to categorically warn parliament, the courts or whosoever IS thinking that Malawi shall adopt homosexuality. We shall not allow that at our watch not take it lying down. We shall mobilize our people and accept to be poor as a country but live with our dignity and proud with our heritage,” said Khombe.

According to Khombe, Malawi is known to be a God fearing country, therefore people cannot abandon their faith and adopt strange behaviors which is against nature and the purpose of why the people were created for.

Currently, there is a Constitutional Court case in Malawi to interpret the constitutionality of section 153 (c) of the Penal Code of Malawi which criminalises consensual same sex relations between two consenting adults.

The case follows an application by Jana Gonani who was convicted on 23rd December, 2023 by the Mangochi Senior Magistrate Court on the charge of unnatural offence contrary to section 153 (c) of the Penal Code and is currently serving an 8-year jail term at Zomba Maximum Prison.

The unnatural offence under section 153 (c) of the Penal Code attracts a maximum sentence of 14 years Imprisonment with Hard Labour (IHL).

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