Rescued woman pleads with Govt to save Malawians in Oman


Omega (R) with Namiwa (C) at the press briefing today

A woman who was rescued in Oman has pleaded with government to rescue Malawian women who are suffering in Oman.

The woman only identified as Omega said life in Oman is very hard as girls and women are raped, treated as slaves and forced to work for 24 hours without food and water.

At a press briefing today, Omega recounted the abuse she suffered at the hands of her abusers in Oman.

“In Oman, I was kept in a dark room for months.  I used to survive on water and leftovers which they used to give maybe after three days. I was whipped with hose pipe after they found out that I had a phone which I was using to communicate with my relatives. Please those in authority should rescue the women because life is hard there,” she said.

Speaking at the press briefing, Centre for Democracy and Economic Initiatives (CDEDI) Executive Director Sylvester Namiwa said that ever since they announced the “Operation Rescue Campaign” they have been facing challenges.

Namiwa added that it is disappointing after learning from impeccable sources that foreign affairs officials reportedly decided to use money meant for rescuing women from Oman for other purposes that were neither disaster nor unforeseen circumstances in nature.

He said his organization expects a prompt action from the ministry since the issues are bordering on matters of life and death.

Namiwa has since written a letter to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs giving the ministry seven days to make sure that the funds have been reverted.

“In the same vein, CDEDI and indeed well-meaning Malawians expect Department Disaster Management Affairs (DODMA) in copy of this letter to act swiftly, now that we know the funds the funds were already made available for the mission,” reads part of the letter.

In a letter to Foreign Affairs Minister, Namiwa has highlighted that it is the intention of CDEDI to see government coming out in the open on what it is doing about the plight of the entrapped women.

Government is yet to give its side of the story on the matter but disclosures show that letter from CDEDI is now in the custody of the Minister in question pending for her response.

CDEDI says that there about 50 Malawian women stranded in Oman and money is needed to pay for their ransom and travel to Malawi.

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