Two people found with fake Malawi Kwacha banknotes in Mzuzu


Police in Mzuzu have arrested two people who were allegedly found with K27,500 in fake Malawi kwacha banknotes.

According to Mzuzu Police Station spokesperson Paul Tembo, the two were found with fake K2,000, K1,000 and K500 banknotes.

Tembo has identified the suspects as  Chikumbutso Theu aged 23 and Nicholas Sitchula.

Theu attempted to buy goods at a grocery shop using the fake banknotes and he was arrested.

He led police to his home where he was allegedly printing the money together with Sitchula.

The two were also printing motorcycle bluebooks.

Police have since confiscated the fake banknotes as well as computers and printers which they two suspects were using.

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