Five million people to benefit from Ukraine grain, says Malawi ex-president Joyce Banda


Ukraine Grain Ambassador for Africa who is also former Malawi president Joyce Banda says 5 million people who are affected by hunger in Africa  are expected to benefit from grain from Ukraine by the end of third quarter of this year.

Banda told Malawi24 that five cargo ships have already delivered 110,000 tones of grain  in Ethiopia and Somalia and a sixth ship with 25, 000 tonnes is on its way to deliver grain in Kenya.

She said Egypt has already received 175,000 tones of wheat such that Banda and fellow ambassadors in liaison with Ukraine government are doing all their best to ensure that other African countries receive their relief food.

“My role as Ukraine Grain Ambassador for Africa is to ensure that countries that are faced by hunger receive food aid from Ukraine,” Banda explained.

Reports indicate that millions of people in Africa will continue to face hunger in several years to come.

Currently, the Africa Ambassadors and the Ukraine Government are working on modalities and funding to speed up these deliveries to African countries who have expressed interest and are on the waiting list to get this food aid.

Ukraine President, Volodymyr Zelensky chose the former Malawi president and other two people to be Ukraine Grain Ambassadors in Africa.

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