Marriage is an achievement only hated by undesirable, feminists, baby mommas and over 30s – declares influencer

Malawi social media influencer Ida Chicker Chabs says marriage is a woman’s greatest achievement which is only hated by undesirable, divorcees, baby mommas, and feminists.

“To all the married ones, especially women, marriage is an achievement and a blessing from above. It’s actually the crowning of your entire womanhood. It’s the biggest honour a man can bestow upon you and very few things in life come mildly close to it. To have a man who wants to dedicate his life to you”, she posted on her Facebook page.

She further claimed that only “undesirable” women hate marriage. According to Idah these undesirable women are feminists, baby mommas (single mothers) and those approaching their 30s or divorced women.

“Have you ever really looked at most of the women who talk down and full of negatives on marriage? 101% of the times they’re undesirable, either baby mommas, most of them approaching their 30s, divorcees, feminists etc.

Idah: Marriage is an achievement

“Yeah, sure they may have men lining up to sleep with them but none of these men want more than that. So they make sure that they spread their misery to other women to be in the same WhatsApp group just like them, you know the saying misery loves company?

“To every woman out there who has found a man willing to commit to her, kneel down and thank the heavens for that blessing and work very hard to make your dating relationship and marriage a successful one”, declared the 44 year old woman.

Chabs has generated a massive support, particularly among men. There were others who also opposed her view of marriage as an achievement for women.

“I don’t even know where to start. Komano this kind of thinking is what is keeping our women in loveless marriages. Staying in marriages were they’re being abused just because it’s an achievement. Being married is a blessing. Just like any other blessing, some will get it early than others, some won’t get it at all. That doesn’t mean the ones who won’t get married should feel any less of a woman. Forever is a long time to stay unhappy just because you saw marriage as an achievement that you needed to attain”, Halha Nohalha Kaunda responded to Ida Chicker Chabs.

However, she has been likened to black police officers in apartheid South Africa who were murdering freedom fighters in cold blood.

On Tuesday this week Ida Chicker Chabs reiterated her point on another post.

“If the truth must be told, it must be spoken accurately. I said it yesterday and I will say it again today. Nothing is changing!! Marriage is an achievement! Finding someone who genuinely wishes you well, desires to build with you, does anything and put the effort to make you happy, is constantly and consistently there for you and is your peace ESPECIALLY in these times were such is near impossible to find. MARRIAGE is an ACHIEVEMENT”, wrote the philanthropist.