Riffle Dynamic buries Episodz


The battle between two rappers in Malawi who are united by a style of delivery rages on as Riffle Dynamic has rained brawls on his counterpart Episodz.

In his response to Episodz, whose real name is William Phoya, Dynamic has refuted all claims made by his ‘rival’ in his diss song.

According to Riffle, his twin rapper lied alot to the receiving end in his response.

“Mukukakamizatu, bodza lanulo mukusakanizatu (You are forcing matters with your lies), Kodi zilipobe zomaimba kuti mnakudyera mkazi (Is it normal lying to people that you slept with my girlfriend)for the sake of bars mukuwanamiza anthu (you are lying to people).

He goes on to maintain his claims that he once played his counterpart’s ghost writer at some point in life.

“Wati sinnakuthandize kulemba ma lyrics, for example bar yomaliza ya mu mbembe ndi line yako? (You claim, I have never helped you with the lyrics, who did the work on your last bar in mbembembe song?”

The beef began two weeks ago. Dynamic initiated the cold war, only for William to respond a week later. This, has drawn a mixed reaction from the audience.

However, people are not yet sure if the beef is staged or not. Others believe the two artists planned to get on each other’s neck for relevance sake.

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